Diet Recipes

Baked cottage cheese with herbs

recipe for low-calorie cheese casserole with herbs.Good meal for those who lose weight!

• low-fat cottage cheese (in principle, any) - 1 kg
• Sorrel (can be less painfully acidity gives) - beams 1.
• Greens (parsley, dill, cilantro, green onions, spinach, lettuce - all at your discretion) - 300g
• Garlic - 2 tooth.
• Tomato - 2 pcs
• Cheese (grated) - 200 g
• spices (paprika, oregano, salt, pepper)
• Cabbage (small plugs) - 1 pc
• Egg - 5 pcs

Cook all greenand rinse.
Blanch the cabbage leaves (the leaves cut solid portion), lettuce and sorrel, ie.lowered to 1 minute in boiling water.Writing drain water well

Cottage cheese, beat the eggs with a whisk.And best mixer (weight is a more gentle).

every green you have prepared, finely cut and blanched.Add to the curd and mix
add 150g of grated cheese, coarsely chopped garlic.
well as spices.

spread in the form of lightly greased.And in the oven, preheated to 50 min at 160g.

shall cut circles tomatoes and sprinkle with oregano.
We'll get our cake, put on top of the tomatoes, sprinkle with the remaining cheese, and then bake in the oven for another 15 min.

Here is a "green" dish out.Sorrel gives acidity, so you can smaller (this is for me), and who loves him, can be more.
Enjoy all the meal!