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Cabbage loaf!

AND CABBAGE my favorite !!!Caravans!
Loaf!Loaf!Who do you want - you choose !!!Remember the children's Counting?
Product List modest obscenely: cabbage, sour cream, salt and cumin!Sesame seed crackers, butter, optional additions: mushrooms, or cheese, or cottage cheese or carrots.I still sesame and olive grass.

So ... (She was called Tatyana) ... start - for a loaf need a form with a lid, lubricating oil form the cabbage cut into pieces, thick veins cut and the scrap, cabbage leaves lay out in the form on top of the sheet lubricates the sour cream, sprinkle with salt, sesame seedsand tminom.Sloyami plump spread, we coat and sprinkle, hugging one another.Optional layers, the upper leaves of the most beautiful they try to close the entire loaf.The last layer is also promazhem sour cream, sprinkle with grated white bread or breadcrumbs, you can add sesame seeds, and biscuits laid on a layer of pieces of butter.Close the lid and in the oven at 180 degrees for six hours.

To crust was crispy need 15 minut

es until cooked remove the cover.
Take a word - it is very tasty, cooked cabbage loaf with cheese, cottage cheese, mushrooms and carrots.And it is possible and so only with caraway seeds and sour cream !!
Be creative!All in your hands!!

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