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Dietary and delicious beans

Lobio with mushrooms

• Mushrooms mushrooms - 250 g
• Onions (low) - 5 pieces
• Garlic - 3 tooth.
• Red Beans - 1 stack.
• Walnut (or cashew what love!) - 50 g
• Vegetable oil (refined) - 50 ml

1 cup red beans soak in plenty of water overnight.Boil the beans to simmer for about 1.5 hours.Beans should be barely simmer, then it does not seethe, and will remain intact.It is important to the quality of the beans, to buy expensive or have tried.I take the bean company "Mistral".
Mushrooms coarsely chop!And fry in oil until golden brown.Put the mushrooms in a bowl and, immediately, to squeeze out the garlic hot mushrooms and stir fragrance - SUPER !!!
Chop the onion and fry in oil, where roasted mushrooms.If there is insufficient oil, add only refined.
coarsely chopped nuts!
Combine all ingredients.Season with salt and pepper as desired.

Kirkazh simple bean salad

• Beans (dry, then boiled or canned) - 300 g
• Coriander (fresh, aka cilantro) - 1 Puig.
• Onion (medium size) - 1 pc
• Black pepper (ground)
• Vinegar (wine - optional) - 1-2 tbsp.l.
• Olive oil (or sunflower can not refined) - 3-4 tablespoons.l.
• Salt

Cook beans (canned or take) and to express, cool.The color is not crucial, as long as the beans were intact.
finely cut coriander, onion cut into half rings.Then I lost the picture, so just in words: mix the beans with greens, onion, salt, pepper, dressed with vinegar (one teaspoon at first try, if not enough, add more), butter and mix well.
set aside for half an hour aside to the present and the impregnated and salad ready to eat.

Salad of white beans with mushrooms and celery

• Beans (white, large, cupping) - 1 stack.
• Celery stemmed - 3 pieces
• Mushrooms (I have fresh, but you can boiled) - 1 stack.
• Parsley - 1/2 stack.
• olives (pitted) - 1/2 stack.
• spices (to taste)

Mushrooms mushrooms washed and cut.
celery washed and cut.
stacked layers - mushrooms, celery, white beans, parsley, black olives ... and, if desired, olive oil or mayonnaise, as someone like that.You can also add a white chicken, of course, boiled and chopped.
last step - pepper.

casserole with beans

• Cottage cheese - 200 g
• beans (boiled, you can take canned) - 1 stack.
• Semolina - 3 tbsp.l.
• Kefir (or fermented baked milk) - 150 ml
• Egg - 2 pcs
• Salt - 1/2 hr. Liter.
• Butter (for greasing the form)

Take beans.Fill with water for 12 hours, water me and then put to cook until tender, season with salt at the end of cooking.
Products ready.Fill semolina fermented baked milk or yogurt, let infusions.While infused semolina, whisk 2 eggs with salt, add the cheese, mix.
Putting the egg-milk mixture, semolina, beans, oil the form of butter, sprinkle with semolina, pour the mixture into the mold, I have silicone.We put in a preheated oven at 160-170 degrees 50-60min.
Here's a casserole in the output.It can be eaten hot or cold.Serve with sour cream, natural yoghurt.I decorated with pickled ginger.

Beans, zapechenaya vegetables

• Beans (Dry, better white) - 500 g
• Carrots (large) - 3 pcs
• Onions - 5 pcs
• Tomato (in its own juice, it is better without the skin) - 1Bank
• Seasoning (to taste)
• Vegetable oil (for frying)
• Sugar - 1-2 hours. l.
• Salt (to taste)
• Black pepper (to taste)

beans soak in cold water overnight, then cook until almost cooked, prisolit.Drain.
prepare the remaining ingredients.Onions cut into half rings.Carrots grate on a coarse grater.
onion fry in oil until golden brown.
Add the carrot and continue to fry, stirring constantly so as not to fry.Fry to a light crunch of carrots.
tomatoes cut into small pieces.Add to the pan to vegetables, add spices, sugar, stir and hold on a little heat, stirring occasionally.Of course, in the midst of vegetables and tomatoes are fresh.Then take a juicy and sweetish.
beans put in a deep bowl, mix with vegetables.If you need - add salt and pepper to taste.Pour tomato juice from the jar.Do not overdo.In sweet dishes should be vegetable taste.
Close lid and place in a preheated 200 degree oven to bake.Hour and a half.On a small fire.Try the willingness Vegetables should be soft.Otherwise, put back into the oven.Ideally - there and cool, without removing the cover.
There can be both hot and cold.Tasty and so and so.But only in the cold dish is nostalgic.Believe me, this is insanely delicious.

Salad of white beans with cheese

Ingredients: half a cup of white beans or canned beans Bank, tablespoon vegetable oil, onions, half a cup of Cheddar cheese, sugar, salt, vinegar, parsley - to taste.
If you do not use canned beans, boil it, and transfer to a bowl.Add to it the finely chopped onion, sugar, salt and oil mixed with vinegar, mix well.Before serving, sprinkle the salad not with grated cheese and herbs.

Salad of white beans with mustard

1 cup white beans
2 onions
5 peas of black pepper
4 tablespoons vinegar
1 tablespoon mustard
1 bay leaf
1 teaspoon paprika (red)
1 teaspoontomato puree
4 tablespoons vegetable oil
parsley salt

Soak beans for several hours in hot water.Then boil it in the same water over medium heat.As the water boils, add one by one: the onion (sliced ​​in advance), the bay leaf, a little salt and pepper.Then cook another hour and a half.Then take out the bay leaf and throwing it.Now we start to prepare the marinade.To do this, take the vinegar, mustard, pepper, vegetable oil, tomato paste and salt.Mix them until smooth.After that, pour the cooked bean mixture and place in refrigerator for an hour.Sprinkle with parsley.

salad of white beans white beans

- 200 grams of water is carbonated
- 200 grams
onions - one piece.
garlic - 1 clove
tomato puree - one tablespoon
tomatoes - 200 g vinegar
3% - one tablespoon
oil - two tablespoons
pepper - four pieces.
salt, ground red pepper to taste

beans soak for 6-8 hours in cold water.
swollen beans fill with soda water and cook over low heat until soft.Then merge the water.
hot beans connect with chopped onions and garlic and fill with sauce.
Sauce vzobem oil with vinegar, tomato puree, red pepper and salt.

White beans with meat

dry beans 2 cups
beef or chicken 250g butter
stretch.4 tbsp.spoon
large onion 2 pcs.
large tomatoes 2 pcs.
or tomato paste 2 tbsp.spoon 4-5 glasses of water

peppers (red or green) 1 pc.

salt to taste ground red pepper to taste

Soak beans in water overnight.Then drain the water and lower the beans in boiling, salted water.Cook over medium heat for 30 minutes until soft, drain.
finely chopped onion fry lightly, add the pieces of meat (the size of a walnut) and simmer, stirring occasionally, until the liquid evaporation.
Peel the tomatoes from the skin (you dip them in boiling water), cut into small pieces.Add the tomatoes (or tomato paste diluted with a little water) to the meat.Sweet green or red pepper, cut into 4-5 pieces and also add to the meat.Season with salt (about 2 hours. L.).
Close the bowl with a lid and simmer the meat with vegetables over low heat 15 minutes.Then add the beans and water.Again, close the pan with a lid and simmer the beans with meat to simmer until beans are tender.Sprinkle with paprika and serve beans with meat and vegetables on the table.As a side dish Free rice or pickles.

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