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Homemade protein shakes for weight loss

Homemade protein shakes for weight loss: recipes, reviews slimming

Speaking of protein shakes in the first place it should be noted that a truly effective they are only for those who do exercise regularly, even if only at home.Alas, in life there is nothing "just so", so the fight against excess weight need to invest maximum effort and miracle pills is unlikely someone will be able to really help.The main task of protein shakes - to give you a dose of vitamins needed by the body elements and the energy that he was able to work with all the strength further, while not getting the extra calories with the next food intake. So, of course, can lose weight and those who did not exercise, but then no one can guarantee that the results will actually be long-term.

We can not say that the protein (the same protein) shakes somehow burn the fat cells in the body, or directly affect them - far from it.The basis of their effectiveness in that, thanks to the protein food, in this case, the cocktail, the body receives a sufficient amount of energy to operate, thereby not using ca

rbohydrates.At this point, the body begins to wake up and work because he does not get the substances that he once gave (carbohydrates found in bread, pasta, lots of fruit, etc.).Modern already semifinished cocktails prepared from soy protein, or the milk or egg of the bases, so they are completely harmless to human.They simulate food satiety itself due to the fact that cellulose swells in the stomach and has a large volume, while supplying the body with essential amino acids and vitamins.

Recipes home cocktails slimming

Homemade protein shakes for weight loss: recipes, reviews slimming

Besides ready-made protein shakes, similar drinks can be done at home by adding your ingredients, mixing those products that appeal to you to taste.One of the simplest recipe: 350 grams of milk and a teaspoon of low-fat yogurt.All this must be well-mixed, preferably using a mixer or blender, and a cocktail will be ready.If you drink it instead of lunch or dinner, you can "save" a potentially very large number of calories eaten and avoid unnecessary fat.

To make more vivid cocktails and delicious, can be on the same recipe by simply adding these or other ingredients, for example, a few spoonfuls of instant coffee or a few spoonfuls of honey, or even a bit of fresh berries (raspberries or strawberries fit perfectly).So you get per meal is not 400-500 calories, and 250-300.And then 400-500 - it is only on the condition that you eat organic foods and eat right throughout the day, not biting sandwiches, chips, nuts, or something else that comes to hand, not to mention the sweets.

addition to such simple recipes, there are other, more complicated.For example, you can whip one ordinary egg, a tablespoon of honey, a spoonful of walnuts and a glass of kefir.We get quite large and lush in terms of the cocktail, and if you add everything else and a bit of cinnamon, and the balmy.After drinking it, I do not want to eat for a long time.

How to make a protein shake in a blender

Almost all protein shakes is best to cook it in a blender - or, in extreme cases, be used for the preparation of an ordinary mixer.The procedure itself is the preparation of such cocktails at home is very simple: all the favorite ingredients you need to fill up in the cup, close and well grind to a liquid state.For example, you can make a delicious cocktail from a glass of milk, a banana, two tablespoons of yogurt, a spoon of honey, three tablespoons of ice cream and a few tablespoons of oatmeal.And tasty, and useful, and the breakfast will just extremely tasty and original.

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