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A cocktail of goji berries for weight loss

A cocktail of goji berries for weight loss: a recipe how to cook

Overweight - it is a problem of generations, who are looking for a way out of many, if not all.Where not only give birth to slimming search for answers to the same question: "How to lose weight instantly without doing anything?" - People drink and pills and teas brewed, and even some words on them read.But, as sadly, if you just sit on the couch, no capsule or tea will not help, anyway - you need to seriously take up the head and at least start with a small training or walking.And in order to activate their internal resources, can provide the body with a little "shake" due to a cocktail of goji berries.

Manufacturers Goji berry claim that it - almost a panacea for any excess weight, consumers also say that they really contribute to the improvement of health.But whether goji berries burn extra calories to lose weight in sufficient quantities - one more question.

What is the positive side of these berries?First, and probably, it will be the most important, they support and normalize metabolism.That

is because the metabolism is accelerated, a person spends more calories to elementary vital activities such as breathing, walking, waving his arms and the like.Thus, without even thinking about it, you are taking the necessary forms.Accelerating the stomach - it's not always good, but the normalization and work 100 percent rate - a very positive quality.Alas, thanks to the modern diet "on the fly", irregular bite to eat sandwiches and fast food harmful, the body stops using its digestive opportunities for all 100.

Second, the infusion of these berries may have a positive effect on the cardiovascular system, mainlyby lowering cholesterol.It is not clear, because of the positive factors is the primary: whether the metabolism is improved with lowering cholesterol, or vice versa - but that feeling is getting better - this is important.Now you need to figure out how to make a cocktail of goji berries is to take it and in what doses.

How to prepare a cocktail of goji berries for weight loss

under the proud name of "cocktail" refers to the traditional decoction of these same fruits and boiled water.The recipe is extremely simple: a handful of berries pour a glass of water, brew and drink before a meal.The difference between the infusion of Goji berries from other concoctions is that this "cocktail" You can drink all you want, and even take on the road or work in a thermos.

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A cocktail of goji berries for weight loss: a recipe how to cook

Goji Berry mixture of cranberry and is brewed in the same way as an ordinary cocktail of goji berries: a glass of water you need to put a little bit of both berries.If after the first use of the beverage showed no personal hypersensitive (allergic) to the berries, you can take it two times a day: in the morning before breakfast and in the evening before meals.It is undesirable to add the sugar in a cocktail, but if you drink will be for quite a sour or tasteless, allowed to add a small spoonful of honey, as well as quite a bit of cinnamon.

Manufacturers say that weight loss is expected to almost the extreme rate - up to 25 kg in one month, but, alas, this is not always true.To these forecasts come true, you have to not only sipping delicious cocktails, but also work hard on yourself.However, in any case, such an improvement of metabolism and loss of appetite - it's a lot and a good start for those who are determined to effective results.But for those who want to lose a few pounds just to improve their self-esteem - and this is more than enough.