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Carbohydrates stimulate the appetite

interesting information that has been obtained from studies of American neurologists:

in human brain cells were found appetite control.

And the food we eat, affect the activity of these cells, foods rich in carbohydrates and sugar leads to an increase in appetite.

hormone ghrelin is responsible for the sense of appetite and shall inform the brain that it's time to eat.
But free radicals generated in large quantities after excessive absorption of food high in carbohydrates and sugar

interfere with the normal operation of neurons and lead to a false appetite, contributing to overeating and obesity.

If you constantly have a lot of carbohydrate foods and foods rich in sugar, appetite control cells begin to be damaged, a person consumes more calories than you need.
alleged that most strongly manifested this link for people from 25 to 50.

However, if you have a sweet tooth and do not want to have excess weight, monitor your diet will help to maintain a food diary.

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