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Mental work - the cause of obesity?

Canadian researchers conducted a study in which 14 students were engaged in one of the first 3 activities:

  • running tests on memory and attention, using the computer,
  • read text and abstract drawing,
  • vacation sitting.

Then they were asked to eat what you want on their choice.

results of the experiment:

Although the actual energy consumption of the organism in cases of mental activity rose by only 3 calories consumed by students in these cases to 200-250 calories more.

explain the results of the experiment, scientists, when they took a blood test in the subjects, it was found that mental activity leads to a significant decline in blood glucose levels.
power source for brain cells is glucose during mental work it faster.There is a feeling of hunger, by which the body tries to replenish glucose.

study author Jean-Philippe Shapu (Jean-Philippe Chaput) considers that the results of this study can be explained by "obesity epidemic" that hit the developed countries.

However, according to oth

er studies, doing mental work, especially the computer, we spend more calories by speeding up the metabolism.But we absorb food after such work is still more than enough to make up the body's energy.

To sedentary mental activity did not turn around overweight, the researchers give 2 Board:

  • to control food intake,
  • not forget about physical activity.

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