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Sweeteners - the cause of excess weight

sweeteners are often used dieters as very difficult to give up the sweet and sugar substitutes mainly differ meager calorie.

This sweeteners, especially low-calorie synthetic sweeteners, do not apply to healthy food. indirect confirmation of this can be considered a warning of doctors:

uncontrolled use of any sugar substitutes is not safe, even for a healthy body

pregnant women and nursing mothers to take artificial sweeteners are not recommended.

Nevertheless, wishing to lose weight take the sweeteners at your own risk.

But as a result of research, scientists from North Carolina concluded:

sweeteners can cause excess weight.

During the 12-week study with overweight men and women were divided into 2 groups:

  • first group is completely eliminated from your diet all kinds of sweet,
  • second - were permitted sweeteners,

while both groupsWe are sitting on a low calorie diet.

As a result, participants in the first group lost an average of more than those who were in the second.

Scientists have explained the results that:

  • in the use of sweeteners body is trying to get out of the food as much calories,
  • with the use of sugar substitutes slows metabolism.

As for replacing sugar fructose:
problem of obesity in the US acute for quite some time, as a result of studying and summarizing data for the period 1967-2000 years, it was found that an increase in the prevalence of obesity in the US population has occurred simultaneously with an increase in the use of sugar substitutesbased on fructose.
Experts called the possible cause that particular assimilation by the body fructose may condition the rapid deposition of fat.

Nutritionists advise to replace sugar with honey or cane unrefined brown sugar, which contain the body needs minerals and vitamins.


  • natural sweetener based on the stevia (stevioside): useful properties, application

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