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Weather and overweight

During fall and winter, most inhabitants of big cities are gaining a few extra kilos.

And it's not just the fact that we are moving less and less go out into the fresh air, but also in the fact that we no longer eat.As proved by scientists, cloudy and rainy weather can influence on the human hormonal system so that we begin to unknowingly eat more.

In these gloomy days of the human body does not receive the necessary amount of vitamin D. Vitamin D, known to be synthesized in the human body when exposed to sunlight.

Reducing the amount of vitamin D contributes to lower production of the hormone leptin.It is this hormone is used to control appetite.Therefore, due to a lack of vitamin D signal saturation human brain "late" and we consume more food than the body needs.

What to do?The first step is in the winter a little more to eat eggs and fatty fish (you can drink cod liver oil).They are an excellent source of vitamin D. Do not neglect walks.Fresh air is necessary for our body.

can also take specia

l supplements rich in vitamin D. But this should be done under medical supervision.Separate use of such additives can bring much more harm to health than weight gain.

P.S.However, nature itself tells us the way out in winter all living beings sleep longer.In the normal production of the hormone leptin also affects restful sleep.So you want to stay slim - sleep enough.

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