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Polyphenols - a new way to neutralize fatty foods

American scientists in the experiment for 2 groups of volunteers have found that eating fatty foods with polyphenols has a positive effect on fat metabolism and reduces the harm from such food.

All participants ate the same dishes fatty meat.However consumers are one of the groups also received a dose of polyphenols contained in tablespoon red wine .

Similar results were obtained by scientists from Israel, led by Dr. Joseph Kanner (Joseph Kanner).

10 volunteers ate three meals of red meat turkey.Test dishes containing meat of turkey and water, and the second and the third added concentrated polyphenols in different stages of preparation.
As a result, the content in the urine of participants intermediate product of fat digestion, boost risk of atherosclerosis, heart disease after consuming the control meals increased by almost five times, and after the second and third courses was reduced to almost zero.

This explains the fact that the traditionally fat diet, richly washed down with red wine (co

ntains polyphenols) in France is relatively low incidence of cardiovascular and cancer.

Polyphenols - plant pigments, which are powerful natural antioxidants.Besides grapes, rich in polyphenols as chocolate, tea, apples, other vegetables and fruits, pomegranate juice, cranberry.As for the cranberry, it has always been recommended as a remedy for inflammation of the gums, urinary tract infection.

This beneficial properties of polyphenols are not exhausted.

  • Studies Canadian scientists have confirmed that the polyphenols in red wine, have a beneficial effect in diseases of the gums.
  • proved that grape polyphenols are characterized antioxidant, antimutagenic, antibacterial, P-vitamin activity.
  • polyphenols increase the resistance of blood vessels, improve blood circulation.Serve fundamental elements that support the skin tissue.

Certainly, doctors remind here that the abuse of alcohol has an adverse effect on the body.
In addition, too large doses of polyphenols (usually such a situation arises in intensive consumption of tea, green or even when taking drugs containing green tea extract) can cause liver disease and kidney failure.