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"Universal recipe" for weight loss by American scientists

American nutritionists have proposed another version of the recommendations, following which it is possible not only to struggle with excess weight, but keep the tone and quality of the body.Scientists came to the conclusion that we can only achieve the desired, if the exercise connect with a full intake of all nutrients needed by the body.

As you know, most people who want to lose weight or are focused on enhancing athletic training or the most severe diet.However, as the researchers note, do it better in the complex.Nutritionists have found that the optimal intake of fat, sugar, carbohydrates and protein after exercise to help achieve the desired results.

Firstly, according to the researchers, the method of giving up certain foods will not help for long-term maintenance of optimal weight.It helps only at a certain stage, and then a short time.But a perfectly balanced diet will help support the weight of a long period of time.

Second, the ideal diet, according to experts, should contain carbohydra

tes twice than proteins.For example, a breakfast of toast and one egg or yogurt.If this balance is disturbed, the body produces so-called "cortisol" - a stress hormone.It significantly weakens the muscles, thereby reducing endurance.In order to maintain an optimal balance is better to prefer whey protein.That it has considerable biological value, does not contain lactose and any allergens.He thus sets itself apart from soy or concentrates.

third advice is that it is best to forget about products containing "zero" calories and artificial sweeteners.They adversely affect the body weight and metabolism inner person.It is best to opt for natural foods.US scientists pay attention to the foods that contain significant amounts of antioxidants: oats, broccoli, salmon, nuts, tomatoes, dark chocolate, blueberries, oranges, potatoes, yogurt, spinach, green tea.Antioxidants prevent the development of inflammation in the body, as well as reduced immunity and overall stamina.