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The lack of movement leads to disease

Scientists have once again confirmed that the live and be healthy can only be actively moving.

Movement - that's life, it is known from the ancient years, exercise physicians recommended for any disease, especially in the presence of excess weight, your body is designed to move.

Numerous studies have always proven that exercise is an excellent prevention of a variety of diseases, including: arthritis, and diabetes.A variety of sets of exercises for weight loss.

new study by researchers at the University of Missouri has once again confirmed the known facts, and led scientists to conclude that the reduction of physical acti

vity to a minimum the right leads to the development of serious diseases.

Two groups of volunteers have limited time to study the level of physical activity to 1.4 thousand steps a day.For comparison, the average American makes 7473 daily steps.

subject study were changes in glucose and fat in the blood.

As a result, it was found that only two weeks limitation of physical activity leads to the fact that the level of glucose and fat in the blood increase.

conclusion was this: the constant maintenance of a sedentary lifestyle is likely to lead to cardiovascular disease or diabetes.