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Useful whether the fish that science says?

fact that fish and seafood are beneficial to our health, everyone knows.Doctors often argue about the usefulness of a particular product, but as for the fish - they are surprisingly unanimous in believing, the more seafood in our diet, the better our health and well-being.

Fish use

How useful fish?

For oncologists from Norway as a result of years of research found that polyunsaturated fatty acids omega-3 (as contained in the fatty tissues of fish, fish oil) contribute to the partial destruction of some cancer cells.

Pediatricians unanimous in saying that the fish is useful to children in families where the table is often served fatty fish significantly reduces the risk of children developing asthma.

Gynecologists studied the menu moms.It was found that insufficient consumption of fish can lead to premature delivery or insufficient weight of the newborn.

scientists cardiologists from the United States conducted a study, which involved nearly 80,000 volunteers Americans.The results were truly impressive.

It has been proven that the presence of fish in the diet (100g least 2-4 times per week) reduces the likelihood of attacks of angina by 48%.

Gerontologists often cite the example of the Japanese, who, in their opinion, is not accidental hold the palm of life.Seafood - a constant attribute in the Japanese menu.

Psychiatrists have found that patients who are restricted in their diet alcohol, caffeine, sugar and at the same time increased the number of menu, greens, fruits, and oil-rich fish began to feel much better.It becomes less prone to depression and mood swings.

In short, do not forget, recovering to the store to replenish their food stocks seafood.

And if you like fish and want to lose weight, try the fish diet for weight loss.

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