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The benefits of fasting

German zoologists published the results of their experiments in which they studied the effect of diet and physical activity on life expectancy of mice.

result of these experiments was the conclusion that:

reduction in calories - more effective means of protection against disease than exercise.Furthermore, starvation in some cases prolong life.

Of course, these facts do not suggest that it is better not to eat.But it is worth thinking about the use of food, which will be more useful to the body than harm.

Another study, the results of which were published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition, scientists say:

    food - stress to the body

Any food we consume, resulting in the body to oxidative stress, produced dangerous molecules- free radicals.
Free radicals can damage cells in the body that leads to atherosclerosis, cancer and other diseases.

In order to neutralize this destructive effect, you must eat more plant foods and fresh juices that contain natural antioxidants.

Scientists offer at each meal to add a large amount of fresh vegetables and herbs, fruits and berries.
For example, antioxidants in grapes.


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