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Everyone probably agrees that much more pleasant than hard diet, used to maintain the perfect figure such nice things like the smell of mint, and other non-standard methods of losing weight.
What's new slimming offered us a science in the past year?

what "likes" and "dislikes" the body
Recent scientific studies have shown that for many of us there are some foods and medicines, which are not tolerated by the body.The problem may arise both due to allergies to the product, and due to the lack of digestive enzymes.That is why at the same diets, some people can maintain an enviable harmony, while others steadily gaining weight.It is because of this individual intolerance is an increase in body weight, all attempts to lose weight to anything not lead, and the person loses all hope of long-awaited harmony.

identified and a number of products which are most often cause intolerance.It is milk and dairy products, soy, eggs, corn and nuts.Hypersensitivity to these products can lead to fluid retention in th

e body.As the list for each individual can be, check what foods your body does not tolerate, and then to exclude them from the diet.Otherwise, when all efforts result in losing weight is not.

Besides food, there are a number of medications that can cause weight loss.Such drugs as steroids, antidepressants and oral contraceptives have a particularly high probability of being at risk.In this case, it is necessary to consult with your doctor, he may be able to offer you an alternative, in the case of contraceptives, for example, may want to move to funds with lower doses of the hormone, and the problem will be solved.

pepper mint
Odor against appetite
probably the dream of every woman, dissatisfied with their weight - have a poor appetite, to finally suppress unbearable and frequent urge to eat something.Some are even ready to drink tablets, despite the serious side effects.
Meanwhile, scientists have discovered the smell, which can help.It turned out that this is a common mint.To resist overeating help inflicted on the wrist a few drops of essential oil of mint.

And only occasionally need to inhale the smell.That's the whole aroma.Studies have shown that by reducing appetite, but only because mint can significantly reduce the number of daily calories - up to 1800.

During the test, all were able to lose weight, even for a different number of kilograms.The result pleased all the participants.And there were almost 10 000 people.

This method of weight loss is soft to the psyche because of the lack of psychological pressure and constraints associated with diet and exercise.When the appetite does not manifest itself, hateful kilos go away quickly.

Movement against fat
Not so long ago, nutritionists in the UK have opened one more important for anyone who wants to lose weight the truth if alternate intake of fatty foods with fitness, it will not adversely affect either the health or state of health.

The experiment involving several thousand wishing it was proven that thanks to motor activity, harmful use of neutralized fatty foods, there is no negative impact on the health of blood vessels.

So you can not give up on a regular basis from the delicious and fatty foods, but be sure to order it after receiving the swimming pool or fitness center, take a walk or run, jump rope - there will approach any exercise.

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