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Lack of sleep and craving for harmful food

Lack of sleep and craving for harmful food What connection can there be between sleep and nutrition?It turns out - line.And not only that during sleepless nights we are not averse to eat.Those who do not get enough sleep, prefer junk food after sleep, while receiving from her greater pleasure than usual.Such findings made by scientists on the basis of a number of recent studies.

In the first study, experts scanned the brains of subjects during the demonstration photos with food.Participants were shown pictures of products are considered to be healthy (such as fruits, vegetables, oatmeal, etc.) and unhealthy (candy, pizza, donuts).

    "pleasure center" of people suffering from lack of sleep, activated with greater force when they looked at pictures of junk food than when they saw healthy.Also, "pleasure center" in the contemplation of unhealthy foods they showed enhanced activity compared to c well rested people.

In the next study, 25 participants with normal weight have spent 5 nights in the laboratory, alternating nine-hour night's sleep wit

h a four-hour.

    When the "guinea" was allowed to choose her any food, they ate an average of 300 more calories during the day, following a four-hour night's sleep.

In another experiment, 16 people were examined after a full night's sleep and after a sleepless night.Participants also were shown images of food and asked to rate their preferences for products seen.People who were deprived of sleep, have reported that they are more interested in junk food.A scan of their brains showed activity in violation of the frontal lobe and other areas associated with complex decision-making.

Studies have repeatedly demonstrated that sleep is crucial in helping the brain to make healthy choices.

    Dream - is not just a state of rest of the body, it performs many other different functions.When a person sleeps less than the norm, it is not able to adequately choose their food.

In other words, the brain can not convince myself that a healthy diet is the right choice because of the health benefits, but instead focuses on the taste.As a result, lack of sleep when we go willingly eat unhealthy foods and get more pleasure from it.

It should be noted that earlier studies, scientists also noticed something similar, however, so deep in this direction have started to work recently.

Experts suggest that the relationship "a little sleep - a lot is" rooted in human evolutionary biology, because our ancestors slept less during the summer months, when they had more opportunities to "fatten" the winter.Now, people are able to "stock up on fat" all year round and here the scientists warn those who are inclined to be overweight or wants to throw extra weight: fight against excess weight and lack of sleep are not compatible .

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