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Ashton Kutcher was in the hospital after a diet Jobs

Ashton Kutcher popular Hollywood actor recently appeared in a hospital bed.Unexpected illness suffered as a result of his way of acting ... in which Kutcher trying to get used to the filming of a new movie.The fact is that Ashton decided to try the diet of the late Steve Jobs and nearly earned himself a serious disease.

The new movie Ashton Kutcher will play the founder of Apple.To make the most to get used to the role, the actor decided to eat all that ate Steve Jobs.It is known that the latter was an advocate of vegetarianism, in particular, the use of vegetable and berry juices.

carefully reading the book of Jobs, Kutcher became alternate carrot and grape juice, as, according to Steve, grapes is an important source of vitamins and sugar.As a result of a strict diet, the actor landed in the hospital with a high content of sugar in the blood, pains in the stomach and intestinal disorders.Ashton is outraged by the fact that in books about proper nutrition is not contained information security.