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About gene predisposition to overweight

obesity gene, or a gene predisposition to overweight, was discovered by scientists from Britain in 2007.

63% of surveyed 39,000 white Europeans had one or two copies of the 'obesity gene'.

In turn, scientists from the Institute of Psychiatry at King's College London, University College London and Cambridge as a result of its investigations concluded that the presence of a person "gene obesity 'leads to overeating at the expense ofthere is no feeling of satiety, even if in fact you have already eaten a lot.

The study involved about three thousand children who present gene predisposition to overweight.
subject of the study was the association between the gene and how it has behaved people at the table when making food.

result was concluded that children who present the gene, not the feeling of satiety and thus tend to overeat.

Naturally, constant overeating leads to the formation of excess weight.

It seems the only thing that can help to avoid a set of excess weight, if you are "lucky" winne

r of the obesity gene - correct dietary habits.
In particular, can be a good helper - "food diary".

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