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You want to be healthy - walk up the stairs

another study researchers suggest that it is necessary for the health of the motion.

modern man, living in the city and working in the office, spends most of the day sitting at a computer, which is understandable, it can not affect positively or health, or in the figure.

But to compensate for a forced sedentary lifestyle can walks (jogging) the stairs, instead of using the elevator.

a result of investigations, scientists found that:

constant stair climbing significantly reduces body fat, tones muscles and normalizes blood pressure without any additional stress and diet.

Researchers from the Geneva Institute of Medicine conducted an experiment with 77 of his colleagues, for 3 months the subjects to move from floor to floor use the stairs only.
results, as reported by the Daily Mail, been encouraging:

lung capacity has increased by an average of 8,6%,
waist size decreased by 2%, 2%
also dropped weight and the amount of body fat,
2,3% - blood pressure,
3.9% - the level of cholesterol.

Scientists recognize that the study is not a sensation, but it could be another argument for those who want to be healthy and lose weight.

Researchers from the UK have also confirmed the benefit of regular walking (run) on the stairs.According to them, these movements strengthen bones and prevent osteoporosis and are injuries.
And women especially strengthens the spine and pelvis.

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