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Scientists: A new way to defeat obesity

Scientists: A new way to defeat obesity In a recent study, researchers from its American University conducted an interesting experiment on laboratory mice: the researchers decided to block some of the receptors located in the hypothalamus of rodents, after which it became clear that blocking the receptors increases resistance to fatty foods.That is, in other words, when the mice began to feed high-calorie foods, they used it, but in smaller quantities than before and almost did not gain weight.

Scientists have created two groups of mice, one of which carried out this experience.The results showed that in the second group, which was not carried out an experiment with blocking the receptors, the mice rapidly gained weight by eating fatty foods.Researchers claim to have discovered in the course of experiments on rodents new neurons that are able to regulate appetite and, consequently, do not allow obesity to develop.

However, while it is not clear how to "turn off" receptors in humans, so that he could control the food intake.If it succeeds

, then soon a lot of people suffering from obesity, can solve their painful problem.

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