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Scientists: people are much more slender-bodied than full

Scientists: people are much more slender-bodied than full Researchers from the United States concluded that fat people are much worse than the workers cope with their responsibilities than their counterparts thin and slender.The results of the monitoring experts have shown that the overall efficiency of the people who are overweight by 40% below normal.

scientists from the University of Virginia and Buffalo invited to participate in their study of 30 volunteers.All the participants in the experiment were divided into several groups: one group was slender people, the second - with obesity in the remaining 2 of these groups were the elderly.All participants performed exercises on endurance and speed.Obese people are tired more during assignments, and show the results of 40 per cent less efficient than lean participants, regardless of age.

authors believe that the reason for the slower operation obese people is to reduce the blood flow, which leads to strong limitation of oxygen with energy in the human body.