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Tomatoes help reduce the risk of stroke

Tomatoes help reduce the risk of stroke How say scientists from Finland, the results of their latest studies say that regular intake of food, consisting of tomatoes and canned tomato juice, can significantly reduce the risk of stroke in male population.The study's authors say that the more lycopene in the blood of men, the less chance of stroke.

Lycopene is known, is an excellent antioxidant, and in this study it was probably the best means of free radicals, in contrast, for example, beta-carotene.The experiment involved just over 1,000 male volunteers.Their ages ranged from 45 to 65 years, and each of them was considered healthy.Scientists have observed the men about 12 years, estimating the number of lycopene in the blood before and after the study.It became clear that the use of tomatoes can reduce the likelihood of a stroke nearly 55 percent, as increases the useful substances in the body.

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