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British scientists: "Eat chocolate ... and grow thin!"

British scientists: "Eat chocolate ... and grow thin!" Scientists from the United Kingdom in the course of his scientific observations have come to a very interesting conclusion: in their view, chocolate products have only a positive effect on metabolism.In other words, passion for cocoa beans may even lead to weight loss.But is it really?

British experts conducted a follow-up study: all the participants were divided into a few groups: one volunteers ate chocolate products in large quantities, and in the second, people received a placebo.Then the researchers looked at the condition of many internal organs of the participants and found that people who consumed chocolate had lower cholesterol levels!Based on this, researchers have concluded that the cocoa beans and help to reduce cholesterol metabolism improvement.

However dietitian Makar Leskov believes that the conclusions of the British colleagues are very dangerous for people - in fact, many will consume huge amounts of chocolate!A surplus in the food are always harmful for the body.Therefore, Russia

n scientists are trying to adhere to the "golden mean" - eat chocolate, but in moderation.