Cyanocobalamin biologically active substance called cobalamin.This important vitamin for the human body is only in animal products.Today we debunk myths about the B12, describe what it is and what it eats.

This is the most complex structure of the vitamin. Its uniqueness does not end there - it is the only vitamin that is produced exclusively by bacteria that live in animals, so in plant foods is not B12.The highest concentration was found in beef and pork liver.This was first identified by William Murphy, who has done research on artificial anemic dogs.Individuals who ate large amounts of liver, quickly recovered from anemia.

On cobalamin absorption is influenced by many factors:

  • The first step is the production of so-called stomachKastla factor, which is necessary for the full assimilation of the vitamin;
  • Excessive intake of vitamin C, it prevents the absorption of B12;
  • Lack of calcium.Its ions are necessary for the successful assimilation of B12.But calcium deficiency is the same problem as cobalamin def
  • Violations of the pancreas.Her secrets are also involved in the absorption of B12;
  • presence of worms and worms that produce toxins;
  • serious impediment is the presence of pathogenic bacteria in the lower part of the small intestine, where it is sucked B12.

B12 has a very interesting feature - it can accumulate in the body, and then gradually consumed.His need to constantly replenish stocks, regardless of whether the need in it at this point or not."Refuel" them in the next few years, and then lead a vegan lifestyle does not turn out.We need him for the creation of red blood cells, it can they carry oxygen and carbon dioxide is delivered to the lungs.Cobalamin

involved in constructing DNA molecules, together with folic acid (B6).It is found in nerve sheath.Therefore, when failure is primarily the nervous system suffers.It appears multiple sclerosis, sciatica, senile dementia, cerebral palsy, polio and other neurological disorders.People, after seventy years it is recommended to use daily supplements with the vitamin.In addition, he actively reduces harmful cholesterol.

need for B12 is increased during pregnancy and lactation, and should further take it to vegetarians, vegans, smokers, people suffering from alcoholism and AIDS.

Foods containing vitamin B12

Previously it was thought that cobalamin contained in cyanobacteria (blue-green algae).But later it turned out that the so-called "psevdovitamin" that is structurally similar to B12, but is not, in fact, the vitamin.Judging by the blood tests, it is often mistaken for a complete B12 and is defined as the normal concentration of this vitamin.An error in diagnosis often leads to incorrect treatment of anemia or inability to diagnose her.

Foods rich in vitamin B12 (in g):

  • Liver: beef - 60, pork - 30, Chicken - 16.5;
  • Octopus - 20;
  • Fish: Mackerel - 12, sardines - 11, bass - 2.4 cod - 1.6, carp - 1.5;
  • Meat: rabbit - 4.3, beef - 2.6, pork - 2, lamb - 2;
  • Dutch cheese - 1.4;
  • Crab - 1;
  • Chicken eggs - 0.5;
  • Smetana - 0.4.

Vitamin B12 tablets

daily intake of vitamin is approximately 4 g.Typically, its disadvantage fill via intramuscular injection - it provides maximum absorption of the drug, bypassing the digestive tract.But modern pills can provide the body with vitamin B12, even when poor absorption.It is enough to increase the dose of the vitamin to 1000-2000 mg a day.