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Four "dormant" infection and the company Tianshi: reviews, the facts, the possibilities

Four "dormant" infection and the company Tianshi: reviews, the facts, the possibilities In pursuit of the ideal figure of a woman is often resorted to extreme measures, risked undermining his health.By following a diet is to monitor the reaction of the organism and to pay more attention to in order to maintain its ability to resist disease.

in medical journals are increasingly talking about the so-called slow new infections and the need for their prevention. These pathologies are infectious diseases that tend to adapt to different drugs, mutate and retain its harmful effect.In Russia the most dangerous "dormant" infectious diseases are:

  • SARS;
  • flu;
  • chlamydia;
  • tuberculosis.
  • Bio program enhance immunity

    One of the surest ways to protect the body from the attacks of these persistent infections - strengthening immunity .The role of dietary supplements in the prevention of antibiotic is difficult to overestimate.You can continue to believe rumors and to assume that Tianshi - deception.

    However, the practical use of nutritional supplements in combination with drugs helps to strengthe

    n the immune system and accelerates the healing process: it is proved numerous clinical studies and consumer reviews of products Tiens.It is worth noting that it is a strengthening of the whole body, not just the immune system in particular.Therefore, experts recommend to carry out a range of measures.


  • cleanse the body;
  • fill micronutrient deficiencies;
  • restore the immune system.
  • As a result, the body's own defense mechanisms come back to normal, and helps a person to actively fight infections.After all, no matter how strong antibiotics, they do not cope with the disease if the human is not "included" in the struggle.The treatment of the above diseases involves taking antibiotics.A Supplements Tianshi used in the adjuvant therapy.

    note that supplements are not drugs.Reviews of products Tiens patients taking supplements in combination with medication, showed an improvement in the state as a whole.Supplements Tianshi in conjunction with special medications help to protect the body from dysbiosis, which is accompanied by the use of antibiotics and the prevention of complications.

    Efficacy Tianshi in the prevention of chlamydia and tuberculosis

    Recently published studies of treatment of urogenital chlamydia medication in combination with the use of dietary supplements company Tianshi , patient testimonials, as well as medical reports prove the possibility of infection is completely treated.When properly made program of antibiotic therapy and the simultaneous strengthening of immunity to doctors succeeded in treating complications caused by chlamydia, including infertility.

    Tuberculosis - leading infectious disease deaths.Unfortunately, the infection remains in force, takes new forms and different multi-drug resistant.Infected with TB can be anywhere, anytime.Salvation lies in the high resistance of the organism exposed to pathogenic bacteria, that is, in a strong immunity.

    This means that the treatment of tuberculosis medication only way - is meaningless.It is important to ensure the replenishment of the body of vitamins and minerals, and immune reconstitution.Here, the company's products Tiens Group has established itself as one of the most effective sources of strengthening the body.

    The principle of dietary supplements in humans

    can assume that products Tiens - deception, but the success of the use of nutritional supplements in combination with drugs in the treatment of the above four infections is quite understandable.The fact that all four infections have intracellular nature.In other words, the reduction of the organism's own resources that occurs when a shortage of nutrients within the cells, resulting in vulnerability to infection.

    Supplements Tianshi involved in the purification of the body at the cellular level, removing toxins, filling rate of vitamins and minerals, thus contributing to normalization mechanisms to protect human immunity.