Exercise for Weight Loss

How to enter into the habit of exercise

How to enter into the habit of exercise decided to start to play sports is not so difficult.We all reasonable people and we understand that it will bring us a favor.But to start, and most importantly, regular exercise is much more difficult to continue.After the first two or three sessions a fuse is extinguished, and even disappears completely.What to do?How to enter into the habit of exercise?There are a few tips to help you go to training every day (or at least several times a week) and not to "forget" about them.

1. In a schedule be sure to leave time for training.In the morning or in the evening they will be - your choice, but they have to be planned.And preferably no lessons 2 times a week, if we exercise every day in the calendar do not fit.If the activity is planned for the evening, not to call home after work: the probability that you go to the gym, it is much lower.

2. It is advisable to sign up for lessons with a friend or girlfriend.In such a situation usually spurs thought "And what have I done ...", and the help and encourag

ement will not interfere.

3. Choose the group is not on the list, and on your interests.If you like a class, if you feel the pleasure, then only a very urgent case you miss a workout will make, and you will regret it ...

4. If you face the challenge to lose weight, do not weigh yourself every day.Instant results silly to wait, and the stability of the arrow on the scale will deprive you of motivation.Weigh yourself no more than once a week.And the results can be seen and not discouraged.

5. Start of training with small loads.Too loaded the muscles you will feel no pleasure, but a decent pain and stiffness in his movements, that does not add joy.So start small, gradually complicating the exercises.

6. Try not to compare yourself with others.The comparison is not exactly in your favor lower mood and reduce motivation.Do you have the results?There is!And the fact that someone they are better than nothing says.Just your hour has not yet come ...

7. Do not worry about going to class or not.It should become a habit.And even if you missed the lesson, practice it (the exception - a workout every day of their work does not make sense).

8. Properly Define your goals.What do you want to achieve from the training?Remove the stomach and pump up the press?Become slimmer and correct posture?Identify the main problem, and according to it, make a study plan.If this is not self-coping, use the services of a coach.It is better to pay for the consultation than ineffectual to perform a set of random exercises.

do not focus on failures, if they occur more reports of positive changes.Training should be enjoyable.If you do not like the atmosphere in the room, change room, if you do not feel comfortable, do some exercise, even if it is super effective, discard it.Emotions must be positive.So the habit of training is formed faster.Will more and endorphins - pleasure hormone that is produced during physical activity, but he begins to stand out only after 40 minutes of muscle.So train yourself and enjoy.