Dietary supplements for weight loss

Chewing gum for weight loss

Chewing gum for weight loss Chewing gum is now used not only for the prevention of dental caries and eliminate odors, but also for weight loss.It helps control the appetite and normalize body weight.Is this effective new or still exist "pitfalls"?We will understand.

the University of Florida scientists conducted an experiment: 36 people divided into two groups, one before breakfast and dinner are constantly chewing gum for weight loss.It turned out that these people consume daily 100 - 200 calories less.Also, they observed a decrease hunger and lost interest in the snack.From this we can conclude that the special chewing gum for weight loss can be an excellent tool in the fight against obesity.We would like to draw your attention to the fact that it means - and support without proper diet and exercise to lose weight you will not succeed.How do we explain this effect?


Chewing gum for weight loss.

Due to its special composition, gum slimming able to normalize the metabolism, increase physical activity and reduce cellulite.And all this can be

an ordinary gum, gum helps you lose weight ?!Yes of course.The secret is in the ingredients that go into its composition:

  • African mango extract - this fruit is perfectly suppresses the appetite and speeds up fat oxidation.
  • Goji berries - burn fat, contain many vitamins and minerals that strengthen the immune system.Stimulates the thyroid gland, thus regulating metabolism.
  • extract of Garcinia cambogia - in its effect on the body similar to the mango.In addition, it is composed of hydroxycitric acid, which helps to break down fats and normalize blood sugar.Chewing gum for weight loss.
  • Acai berries (or cabbage palm) - contain large amounts of antioxidants, vitamin E and cyanidin, which prevents the occurrence of cancer and obesity.
  • Green coffee - increasing physical activity can increase metabolism, prevents the absorption of carbohydrates and smoothes cellulite.

Chewing gum for weight loss

All of these substances in the complex are very effective.But what are the disadvantages of gum for weight loss?


Chewing gum for weight loss.

To all the nutrients enter our body, it should be carried out right production technology.The process of chewing awakens the whole system of the gastrointestinal tract and makes it work actively.If you use gum slimming on an empty stomach, you can earn a whole bunch of gastritis and ulcers.Therefore, it is recommended to use only after a meal or instead of dessert. Gum slimming not been tested in women during pregnancy or nursing, and so for this category of people is not recommended.In general, chewing gum for weight loss has positive reviews and is an additional means of weight loss.That is, when asked, possible to lose weight by chewing gum , we note that it is possible, the main thing to know contraindications.

Today buy gum for weight loss not a problem.on the internet you can find a large number of online stores where it can be ordered.

Chewing gum for weight loss: reviews

Alena, 23 years old. do not really believe in the gum, as a friend and not to praise, I did not dare to buy, but a friend has decided to make a surprise - a gum presented me a gift!Well chewed every day, tasty first, began to notice that your appetite is not the same, do not pull on the sweet, and just what I needed!In general, I gradually realized that the gum - a godsend!Lose weight began slowly in the first two weeks of 4 kg dropped, and then another 3 kg in two weeks, so to say happy - do not say it is a pity that the pulling and purchased gum before, so would the process of losing weight I have a year ago started!

Larisa, 27 years old. decided to try the gum for weight loss, as it seemed to me an easy and affordable way to lose a few kilograms without dieting and sports.The result - two months, I lost half a kilogram without making any effort.I think - the fact that chewing gum reduces appetite, it became easier to give up frequent snacking, to which I am accustomed, and replace them with the actual chewing gum.She also successfully replaces sweets - candy and cake.Of course, on an empty stomach to chew gum, I do not advise - you can earn gastritis or ulcer.It is good as a dessert.I think that from time to time, I'll come back to that delicious method of weight loss.

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