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Lunges: Tightened exercises for the legs

Lunges: Tightened exercises for the legs
What woman does not dream to be beautiful, slim and attractive?There is no such!Women are born to fascinate, to please and attract male gaze.However, to attract admiring glances, it is necessary to exert a lot of effort.But the difficulties are not afraid, are you?

not always possible to deal with regularly in the gym and doing exercises under the guidance of an experienced coach and nice.But that's no reason to be upset.Because to do exercises to thinner legs, can be at home.

following will be presented to the most effective exercises for shapely legs.


Before doing the exercises, do a warm-up - a couple of minutes.Conducts classes 3 times a week, because the most important thing for visible results - regular execution.

  1. attacks.Feet shoulder width apart, pull your stomach, hands on your waist or lower them down.Take a step forward and squat down.Step should be large enough to stay in place leg was straight.Keeping the balance, tighten your thigh muscles and thereby stand up again.Ma
    ke a second attack on the same leg.
  2. attacks aside.Do all the same as in the previous exercise, the steps are performed only in part.The main thing - step should be as much as possible and strive to get as low as possible.Perform in any sequence - first all 5 times in one direction after another, or in turn in each direction.
  3. back Lunges also form a beautiful shape thighs and buttocks.For this step to be back.

Start watching and doing lunges 5 times for each leg, gradually bring the number up to 15. Relax as much as you do not overdo it, not to lose the desire to engage in the future.

Exercising with dumbbells.

Such exercises are intended for those who are well mastered the previous complex.As soon as you will easily carry it, complicates the work.At first, choose weights less than 2 kg and do 1-2 approach, not more.

  1. Squats.Feet shoulder width apart, toes facing the side, holding dumbbells.Inhale and sit down as if on a chair.Keeping your back straight, squat until thighs are parallel to the floor, do not tear off heels.Slowly stand up.
  2. variables lunges with dumbbells.This exercise - sophisticated attacks from the first set.Keep your feet shoulder width apart and dumbbells in hand, lunges, and then - jump up and being in the air you exhale, legs swap.And already after yourself on the floor, take a deep lunge.

Do the exercises every workout in a different order, because of this, you better developed thigh muscles, and therefore - the legs become slimmer and more beautiful.

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