Exercise for Weight Loss

Exercise for weight loss back

Exercise for weight loss back effective exercise for weight loss back and sides are interested in many men and women.Fat deposits on the back spoil the appearance of the figure, and the last to leave, if you are doing exercise and dieting.However, the special moves can help you build muscle and burn fat frame.The main thing - not to work on the back muscles in isolation, include complex exercises and movements that will affect the antagonist muscles - abs and pecs.In addition, you must perform cardio to consume more calories.And they will help tighten up the silhouette and reduce the volume of the body.

Exercises Slimming back: strength training

Exercise 1. Pose a bracket with rod
Stand up straight, take emphasis lying, for push-ups, put his hands on the floor and tighten the press.Fix the position for 30-60 seconds, until you stand, pull the scapula to the spine, and draw the belly.Then lift your right hand from the floor, and without changing his position, perform a quick pull back elbow, forearm extends along the side, the

elbow moves in a straight path.Then put the arm to the starting position and repeat leap with the left hand.Run by 10 runs to the right and left hands.Repeat from the beginning to the end of the 3 times.

Exercise 2. The emphasis with twisting in a T-pose
Take a starting position in the previous exercise.Transfer the weight to the right foot and right hand, left foot off the floor, the left hand goes up.The body should resemble the extreme point of the letter "T".Lock body 30 seconds in this position.Then in the middle position on the left side, turn and lock for 30 seconds.Repeat 10 times in each direction.Perform 3 sets.

Exercise 3. pushups and pull
Get on your knees, put on the floor in front of a dumbbell weighing 2 kg.Pull the belly, press from the floor, turning the elbows to the sides.Then, staying straight at the knees, take a dumbbell with your right hand and bring it to the belt, repeat push-ups, pull and do the other side.One approach exercise is 10 rods on each hand and 20 push-ups.Perform 3 sets of exercises

Exercise 4. Swimming
Lie on the floor on his stomach, lift your shoulder girdle, and feet on the floor.Hands pull forward, pull socks.Imitate motion swimmer performing short swings his arms and legs in a plane perpendicular to the floor.Follow the "floating" for 60 seconds, relax and repeat 2-3 times.

Exercise 5. Full reverse twisting
Take the emphasis lying position, get out into the pose Trims.Then tighten the knee of the right leg to his stomach and arch your lower back slightly.Repeat with the left leg.One approach - 20 repetitions with each leg, repeat 2-3 times.

Repeat the exercise as outlined in the plan.Train 2-3 times a week, alternating days of training with days of rest.

back exercises for weight loss: cardio

In order to strengthen the process of losing weight, you need to add cardio to your plan.Follow them either immediately after the power of the complex or in the days of rest.Perfect for your cardio - training on an elliptical trainer and a rowing machine work.The trainers work for half an hour or forty minutes.Once a week, make intervals - five minutes takes an average pace on the elliptical or rowing machine, then do 150 jumps on the floor.After that, go back to the treadmill and do 5-10 such cycles.

Group lessons slimming back - is tai-bo, fitboks and other martial arts.These exercises allow the use latissimus muscle and waist, in addition they help to spend 600-900 calories in just one hour.

If you want to lose weight, and have no desire to engage in strength training, join a pool, and an additional practice yoga - asana like a dog muzzle down triangles to the sides of the slopes is great strengthen and tighten the muscles of the back.Eat moderately and your weight loss will be more successful.

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