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How to make a thin waist

How to make a thin waist Being the owner of a thin waist wish many representatives of the beautiful half of humanity.In an effort to find a way to make a thin waist, they are ready to resort to the most incredible methods.The girls go to the incredible sacrifices, partly removed and the edges are extremely uncomfortable Waist corsets.
In this article, we describe how without resorting to such harsh techniques to make your waist wasp.

What should be the ideal waist

Waist circumference depends on the amount of back muscles and abdomen, as well as the amount of fat reserves.Therefore, wishing to gain a slender figure and visually make the waist thinner, you must first of all get rid of extra fat and with it, to strengthen the abdominal and back muscles.

Single standard slim waist does not exist.We all have different body type, age, height and even the width of the bone.The best indicator of the size of the waist must be calculated as follows: subtract from the value of his height of 100 cm. For example, during the growth of

168 cm ideal would be waist circumference of 68 cm.

How to make the waist thin, exercise

The main advantage of these exercises that can make thinwaist with both men and women is that they can perform at home at any time.So


1. Create a mood.Comfortable clothes and shoes, well-ventilated room, as well as energetic cheerful music, all contribute to raising the mood and bring the body in tone.

2. Warms muscles.Mandatory 5-7 minute warm-up will prevent damage or stretching of muscles during subsequent exercise.You can do breathing exercises with breeding hand in hand, as well as the circular rotation of the hands, sit-ups, any dance moves.

3. Getting to the main complex.Good results show exercise with a circular rotation of the body leaning forward, left and right with direct housing.

Daily allocated only 20 minutes a day to perform these simple exercises, you can make the waist thinner after two weeks.

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How to make a thin waist

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