Exercise for Weight Loss

General developmental exercises hulahupom

General developmental exercises hulahupom Today wonderful sports equipment hulahup again at the peak of popularity.This confirms the fact that even many clubs began to spend with him group lessons.We continue our series of articles about hulahup.

Hulahup can be used with imagination and great benefit to the body.If you regularly use a hoop and muscles are accustomed to it, these exercises will not hurt you.But if you are not spinning hulahup since the dawn of the pores of your early childhood, to begin the process with torsion hulahupa hudeniya is very cautious.

With weak abdominal muscles rotational movement can harm the lumbar spine.And people who do not exercise and who have extra weight, abdominal weakened sure.This excess weight has additional load and vertically.And if you even begin to write here pretzel her hips and pelvis, the consequences could be dire.You can easily injure the nerve and get severe back pain, and believe me, it still would not be a bad result.

Therefore, you first need to use the wrap to perform introductory exe

rcises that strengthen the abdominal muscles and the muscles of the corset.This will help to lose weight in the waist and hips.

1. Lean forward.

Ip- Get up with his back to the wall, feet in the 20-30 cm from the wall, knees slightly bent.Lower back pressed against the wall for the duration of the exercise.Hoop raise vertically, spreading his hands wide.Cant without taking back from the wall.Repeat 12 times.

2. Rolls.

Ip- also.Raise the hoop at chest level.Retract the belly.Turn around ("rolls") over the wall, trying to touch the wall of the right, the left edge of hulahupa.Repeat 12 times.

3. Arc to press.

Lie down on the mat.Hoop set vertically, bend your right leg and foot stomp to hulahup not fall.Hands along the body.Lift the left leg and foot on the outer contour of the drive hulahupa, describing an arc.The loin is pressed to the floor.If you do not go out - shorten the arc.Repeat 12 times.

4. Rolls on the floor.

continue on the mat.Hoop grab as widely as possible and lift horizontally.Pull and gently lowered hulahup the left and right, touching their sex.Turn the body.The pelvis is pressed against the floor.It is necessary to decompensated burden of excess weight on the spine, and prepare all the muscle groups in rotation hulahupa.We do 12 times.

5. stranding.

Ip- As in the previous exercise.Bend and raise the legs, put on a hula hoop on the shin and spreads her legs to hulahup fell.Pulling the arms along the body and gently lean on them.Lower the leg to the left and to the right and touch the floor hoop.You can just slightly tilt legs.Repeat 12 times.

All of these exercises to prepare the body for loads with hulahupom, and you can safely proceed to active work with him.

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