Exercise for Weight Loss

Exercise for weight loss hand

Exercise Hand Slimming Exercises hand we are looking for weight loss less than, for example, drill press or thighs.However, nothing spoils the figure as sagging triceps, unexpressed shoulder line and body fat on the front surface of the hands.In addition, underdeveloped muscles of the arms - the real source of injury in the home.

How to reduce the muscle and remove hands full?

Most women wanting to lose weight in the hand, avoid exercises with weights because they are afraid to increase the amount of muscle "pump up" the muscles.In fact, the training plan for weight loss in the arms and recruitment of muscle mass dramatically different.

For example, an ordinary athlete, "pumping" hands on making flexing biceps barbell weighing 26-30 kg, and the triceps push-ups on the parallel bars performs with its own weight and "suspended" the feet of the sinker.Not ready for such feats?Yes, you do not need this.What should I do to have grown thin arms?

Our exercise for weight loss, relieve women from the fat back and arms, will hel

p to get the sexual shoulder line.This complex is suitable for women who have decided to stick to the regime activities.

How to lose weight in the hands

How to remove fat and make hands full lost weight?It is necessary to combine the power of movement and fat burning exercises.Only half an hour so you can spend enough calories to get rid of fat.


  • 30 jumps on two feet on the toes, plus a rotating hand - an imitation of the work with a rope.Try to actively stretch the biceps and forearm pressed to the body.
  • 30 deep swings back and forth, try to stabilize the press and a little lean forward and reach back with every movement.

30 jumps with the rotation of the hands:
«Windmill" - stand upright, the body parallel to the floor, alternately making "leaps" straight arm up to the hand parallel to the spine and return the arm down so that it was perpendicular to the body.We are moving quickly, but do not raise the shoulders to the ears.

set of exercises for arms for weight loss: the majority

exercises for hands without dumbbells:

«Driving table»
Sit on the floor on the buttocks, direct hand in the palm back, feet in the palm, hips bent atright angle.Quickly tear the body off the floor, the body is parallel to the floor, draw the abs and buttocks further.Perform 60 fast up-down and linger for 60 seconds at the top.Exercise strengthens the back surface of the hand and gives the fat-burning effect.

Pushups for Triceps
Sit on a chair or sofa, hands lean on the seat, buttocks sveste down.Power triceps slow to 2 accounts descend and climb up.Lower shoulders.Perform 20 repetitions at a very slow pace.

move plank
Take the emphasis lying hands under shoulders, toes straight back and the press are strained, the blades are given to the spine.Alternately, starting with the right hand go down to the floor, place both of your forearms on the floor and immediately return to the focus on the hands.Repeat 15 times with each arm.

exercises with dumbbells hand for women:

Flexing biceps squat
Pick up a dumbbell, retract the press, and descend into a squat until thighs parallel with the floor.At the lowest point of the lock and start slowly squat to 2 accounts to bend your elbows.Your forearms should be close to the body.Down weight also omit to 2 accounts, do not throw.We need to do 20 repetitions, holding a squat.This posture will help you burn more calories and lose weight faster.

shoulders into a lunge
Stand with your right foot in front of left, holding dumbbells.Drop down into a lunge so that the thigh is parallel to the floor, buttocks tense, and the body remains straight.Pull the press, arms along the body with dumbbells.Slowly 2 bills spread them apart to parallel with the floor, and also quietly lower the back.Do 20 repetitions, change legs.Now you are starting from the same position will be pulling forward hands with dumbbells, repeat the exercise 20 times, straightened.

Members can then go to the stretching movement and experienced athletes - to repeat the entire cycle from the first to the last exercise 1-2 times.If you have your hands full, practice 3 times a week and only 6 weeks to see significant results - hand lose weight.

How to make your hands lost weight - fitness trainer Elena Selivanov - especially for

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