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Slimming Wrap: reviews and exercises

Slimming Wrap: reviews and exercises Many women dream about, to make your waist thinner.In an effort to achieve the desired result, they often become hoops for slimming.Are these machines can make the silhouette more beautiful?Let's look at this issue.

Slimming Wrap: reviews

Those who constantly uses the hula hoop, share their experiences with others.Here are some reviews of the hoop massage for weight loss.

1. " Kruchu metal hula hoop, which weighs 1.8 kg.In the first weeks of bruises, but then they went and no longer occurs.The result is visible: the waist and abdomen began to emerge slowly out.But, of course, at the same time we have to follow the diet ".

2. " Two and a half months I have been doing with a hoop.I twist it every day for 30-40 minutes.She started lessons with a massage hoop weight of 900 g, and now increased the load by buying hula hoop weight of 2 kg.Talia became noticeable already gone bulging sides ".

3. " More than half a twist wrap for weight loss.I massage hula-hoop, barbed.Initially engaged to 30 minut

es.There were tremendous bruises.Now every day I twist it for 10-15 minutes.During this time, the sides were tightened considerably ".

But there are some models hoops and disadvantages: " On the advice of a consultant in the store bought a collapsible hoop.I thought that it will be easier to store.But the lack thereof - sometimes understands the hoop during torsion.Therefore it is better buy a solid trainer ".

Hoop slimming

desirable to perform daily set of exercises with a hoop.A systematic approach will achieve the best results:

1. Turn the hula hoop around the waist, raise your hands up and stretch a few times.Then tighten the abdomen and thighs, stretch your arms at chest level.
2. Turn the hoop massage for weight loss, do lunges legs alternately back and forth.
3. Turn the hula hoop around the waist, try to keep your balance while standing on one leg.The body while alternately tilt in different directions.
4. Turn the hoop, try to sit down slowly.Stay in this position for a few seconds, and then, slowly, return to starting position.

Wrap Slimming: what to choose

to lose weight through a hoop, you need to choose the simulator.First of all, be guided by their individual physical capabilities.Those who never went in for sports, it is advisable to start buy a simulator weighing 500-800 g After a while, when the muscles get stronger, change it to the hoop weighing not less than 1 kg.

Remember: the better your physical form, the harder it is to be a hula-hoop.But too bulky simulator can harm internal organs.So try in the store several different twist hula-hoops.This will help you understand exactly what will suit you.

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