Exercise for Weight Loss

Fitness for those who always once

Fitness for those who always once time has become the most scarce commodity that can not be bought.It is never enough.We ought to do them, not business.It should be run in the morning, doing exercises, walking in the evening, going to the gym ....It would be necessary, but there is no time.Do you have more years than I want to.There is a growing tummy hang down some places, have to scratch your back can only ruler or the door frame.

How to build into our affairs scored a schedule activity with his body?Elementary!Use minutes of waiting.In the last century the entire country spent most of his life in line, waiting.We are lucky.Now almost no queues.But there are hours of doing nothing in transport, at work, at the stylist, watching TV, etc.In those moments, you can do "lazy" fitness.

So, give yourself in shape in 5 minutes!

three fundamentally important environmental conditions:

1. You are in sight. you see all and everything.This can only be on the podium or stage.Alas, no exercise in these conditions it is impossible to do.

2. You are partially hidden. example, sitting in the office behind a desk or in a tram on the way to work.

1) hands hidden under the table.Remember how the school: "We wrote, we wrote, our fingers are tired ..."?
clenched his fists - the expandable 10 times.Three palm weave - unravel.We turn to the wrists clockwise 10 times, then as much counter-clockwise.

2) feet.We took off his shoes and carry about the same exercises as with the hands.In addition, pull Mysik to him, paused for 5 seconds, then away.So 10 times.

3) to stretch the muscles of the shoulder, pressing it against the sides for 3-5 seconds.Press the left shoulder, then right.So 10 times.

4) bends the spine to crunch forward, freeze in voltage for 3 seconds, exhale and relax, and so a few times.

5) Exercise for buttocks.Prestressing turns left cheek, lingering in the state of stress in the second (how many survive), and then the right.Repeat this 5 times.Then do the same exercise, but without stopping, and rapidly alternating.

6) Exercise abdomen.Strain your abdominal muscles, pulling them into the body.Is delayed by 10 seconds, let go in a relaxed state for 1 second.Then again, straining, extending as much as possible waist circumference.Pauses for 10 seconds.Do this 5 times.

3. You hidden so that even the grimace on your face will not cause panic in the ranks of subordinates.In this position, convenient to do exercises for the muscles of facial expression.Put it on the table in front of any mirror and grimace.Yes Yes exactly!Build currently faces, and faces as soon as possible to do it alone with themselves, as much as 5 minutes a day!This procedure will help you push back by several years of wrinkles, puffiness and other signs of aging.

Fitness for those who always once

So, as always, the most important thing to start.Start and all you get!

Author: DimSanych