Exercise for Weight Loss

Hoops for the waist: the useful, which one to buy, exercise

Hoops for the waist: the useful, which one to buy, exercise natural desire to be slim for each girl.Wasp waist - a symbol of feminine grace and beauty.Trying to find her, the fair sex are willing to spend a lot of time and effort.One effective means for weight loss and gain slim figure is a gymnastic hoop waist.

What hoop waist better

On sale you can find several varieties of hoops.Normal waist hoop is a hollow ring with a diameter of 1-1.5 m, made of plastic or metal.Iron or metal hoop least effective in the fight for a thin waist compared with a massage or a weighted hoop.It does not cause pain, but because as a good tool to prepare the muscles for more serious stress.Exercises for the waist with a hoop you need to perform daily, selecting them for 20-30 minutes.

using weighted hula hoop, you can find a slender waist is much faster.Due to the weight of 1.5-2 kg, this gymnastic tool places a greater load on the individual parts of the body.

Wrap waist with balls

Massage hoops are the most effective as they can actively influence not only on the abdomi

nal muscles, but also involve the muscles of the back, hips and buttocks.A distinctive feature of the gymnastic tools is the availability of special massage balls that are in contact with the body during the rotation hoop improve muscle tone and break the fat in problem areas.

Since hoop hulahup waist provides maximum strain on the abdominal muscles, and often creates excessive tension in the back, before the training you need to consult a doctor.

exercises with hoop waist

Besides the basic functions - the burning of excess fat around the waist, exercises with hoop azvivayut strength and flexibility, sense of rhythm and coordination.

Among the variety of exercises with a hoop are the most popular exercises for the waist and abdomen.

1. Simple hoop rotation performed standing: feet shoulder width apart, back straight.Turn on the average rate for 20-25 minutes.

2. Rotation with squatting or poluprisede for more trained ladies.Exercise is similar to the previous one, but complicated by the fact that in parallel with the rotation necessary to squat while holding the balance.

3. Rotation in motion.In the process of rotation necessary to perform the steps, alternately moving the hoop from the thighs to the waist and drawing

How useful hoop dlyai

show numerous testimonials of women who have experienced the effectiveness of hoops, daily activities can not only regain harmony, but also to get rid ofmany diseases.For example, to solve the problems associated with the violation of the cardiovascular system, normalize the intestinal peristalsis and enhance it, as well as get rid of a number of diseases affecting women.

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