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Succinic acid for weight loss

Succinic acid for weight loss: the application, reviews slimming

Succinic acid is a white crystals, powder structures with sour taste, obtained by processing natural amber.Absolutely harmless to the body, it has many useful properties:

  • taking part in intracellular reactions with the release of additional energy through the oxidation of organic compounds, it helps to improve the energy metabolism in the body and better processing and assimilation of nutrients.
  • As an excellent antioxidant, succinic acid reduces the oxidation and deposition of fats and cholesterol plaques.
  • Thanks to the work at the cellular level acid improves intercellular exchange, thereby improving withdrawal from the body of harmful substances;By establishing
  • pancreas, succinic acid regulates the proper insulin production and reduces the elevated levels of glucose in the blood without allowing it to be converted into fat.
  • Improves kidney and liver by stimulating the release of excess fluid from the body, and as a result rids the body of edema.

Given all of the above can be said that s

uccinic acid is suitable for use in the complex measures to reduce weight.

In nature, succinic acid contained resin of coniferous trees, especially a lot of it in amber.Also this substance is found in kefir and yogurt, aged cheeses and dry wines in rye products and brewer's yeast.Useful due to the content of succinic acid and green gooseberries turnips, barley and sunflower seeds.

order not to eat kilos sour gooseberries and brewer's yeast to get the daily requirement of succinic acid, it learned how to produce synthetically and are available in easy-to-use tablets.

There are several options how to take supplements based succinic acid to lose weight.One of them provides for three days to drink three - four pills a day, and the fourth a break from taking pills.Also in this so-called day of rest as little as possible to stretch the muscles and eat.

In the second case it is possible to prepare a solution of succinic acid and drink it for a month before breakfast every day.Dosage acid per cup of this solution is only 1 gram.It is worth noting that the solution is very acidic and need to be careful when applying it, especially if there is an increased acidity in the stomach.Also, in order to save the tooth enamel in good condition, it is recommended immediately after a solution to rinse your mouth with warm water.

must say that succinic acid tablets relates to pharmaceutical bioadditives and has a number of contraindications.Firstly, increasing the rate of excretion of excess fluid from the body, succinic acid increases the load on the address so that in the case of urolithiasis reception means is not recommended.So it is not necessary to use it in diseases of the stomach and high blood pressure.Naturally, it is not necessary to use any supplements to pregnant and lactating women as well as children up to six years.

Finally, it should be noted that although the succinic acid has a positive effect on the metabolism and fat burning processes in the body, it is, after all, is more suitable as an aid for weight loss in addition to physical activity and healthy eating.