Exercise for Weight Loss

Hoop "to make the waist"

Hoop "to make the waist" Women dreaming of a thin waist, sit on a diet and limit themselves in everything, but often did not achieve the desired result.The fact is that without the physical exertion in this case can not do.And better simulator than the hoop, waist not yet invented.

Such a simulator, for example, a hoop "to make the waist", helps burn fat in problem areas. If you combine diet and exercises with a hula-hoop, you will be able to make a more slender silhouette.The main thing - do not be lazy and do regularly.

Hoop "to make the waist" - reviews

Reviews of Massage hoops "to make the waist" quite a lot.Here is what one shopper: " With this simulator I was able to fairly quickly get rid of the sides and bulging belly.Wrap wide, so it affects a large portion of the problem area.I twisted it in 15 minutes in the morning and evening during the month.Waist decreased by 5 centimeters.Now, as a prevention, twist once a week ".

But there is a wrap for weight loss "to make the waist" and one disadvantage - during the f

irst workout You may have bruising on his body.One of the buyers of the trainer says: "When I started to turn the hoop, then frightened: hips and abdomen covered with huge bruises.Because of this, I gave up studies.But then she learned that later they will not appear.I tried to continue training, and actually came off the bruises and no longer formed.Wrap in effect until you throw it to twist.But if you relax and lean on sweet - increased waist again.Therefore, you should not be lazy.

To see whether this helps you a trainer, take a photo before the start of training.Photo before training and after a month will show you, is it really effective wrap "to make the waist."

Hoop "to make the waist" - exercise

To wrap "to make the waist" helped to achieve the results expressed in, you must perform a set of exercises.Thanks to them, you engage almost all the muscle groups:

1. Try to rotate the simulator in different directions: first 10 turns right, then - to the left.Thus change the direction of rotation 30 times.Follow these 2 approaches.

2. Start to rotate the hoop massage "make the waist" and try at the same time in small steps around the room for 5 minutes.Follow these 2 approaches.

3. When you will be able to unleash the simulator, try to sit down and then stand up straight, still rotating hula-hoop.Do this 15 times.Perform 3 sets.

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