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Exercises for the inner thigh

Exercises for the inner thigh correct set of exercises for inner thigh should simultaneously engage the quadriceps, sartorius and hip flexor.Why is that?In nature, the muscles never work in isolation, and simulating "reduction feet in the simulator," we just call the tone of muscles, but putting a lack of effort, to burn fat.
The result is all the famous painting - voluminous thighs and "downloaded" inner surfaces plus a layer of fat covering all this splendor.How to clean the inside of the thighs?

Using our exercise for the inner side of the thigh and simple cardio, you can reduce the volume of the thighs and get rid of the "vibrating conveyor" and rubbing against each other out of walking legs.However, do not forget that strengthen muscles better in the complex, and perform some exercises for the back, the press, arms and buttocks in the day of your strength training.

Training plan for the inner thigh

Workout 1 - power, run it through a day, three times a week.Complete set of exercises for inner thigh muscles push-ups, pull

-ups, posture straps and a set of twists to get a full body workout.Beginners can work without weights, experienced need to pick up a dumbbell weighing 3-10 kg.

Workout 2 - cardio, it is aimed at reducing the quantity and fat burning.You will need a regular jump rope, and a space where you could engage in walking distance.Be sure to train in sports shoes and suitable form.

Weight training for the muscles of the inner thigh

Workout: 100-300 jumping rope "from foot to foot."
Next, perform 20 repetitions of each movement, moving to a new exercise without rest.
rest after the last exercise the "circle" for 90 seconds, and repeat the cycle 1-4 times more.
more power "insert" immediately after the last exercise, first coaching the muscles of the back, chest and arms, and only then - the press and buttocks.

exercise for the inner side of the thigh Exercise 1. Simple plies

Stand straight, feet jump, spread over a distance of a meter, socks expand outward.
Pull belly and sank into a squat until thighs parallel with the floor.
Knees naturally "wriggle" out, try to keep your weight exactly in the middle, not swinging the body back and forth.
unbending hip, return to starting position and do the same thing happened.

exercises for inner thigh Exercise 2. Lunge and twist

of straight racks Pace left foot back and slightly to the diagonal, so that the toes of the left foot was on the 10 cm to the left of the right heel.
bending the hips and knees, lower yourself into a lunge.At the lowest point of the knee should touch the floor, and his right leg is not recommended to bend at a sharp angle.
Monitor press, leg muscle strength straighten each side, left leg, repeat on the right, and then do all the approaches.

exercise for the inner thigh

Exercise 3. plié on tiptoes

starting position in the first exercise, but it should be up on your toes.
If you do not have enough balance, keep your hands to the back of the high chair.

Pull belly, fall in plie, straighten, without changing the position of the feet.

exercises for inner thighs

Exercise 4. Lunge and twist and lift the knee

Follow the attack in the second exercise, but returning to the starting position, tear off the "back" leg and the conclusions of her knee forward, as willstraighten the hip pivot foot.

Alternate legs in repetition.

how to clean the inside of the thigh

5. Exercise Boost from plie

sank into a plie, the lowest point of a good push off his feet and jump out to the position shown in the picture.
Gently put the foot on the floor, pull your abs.

Repeat as necessary.

6. Exercise Beats sideways

Stand up straight, tighten your abs.
Perform 4 minutes kicking sideways turns.

Do not rock the body back and forth, only move sideways.


mash, completing 100 jumps on a skipping rope on his feet.

then alternate 1 minute strikes the side (Exercise 6), 3 minutes of jumping rope to his feet and 2 minutes walk from the high knee lifting.

Repeat this 3-6 times, then 5 minutes walk around the room to cool down and pull the muscles of the legs and back.

Do the exercises 4-6 weeks to notice changes - lift the inner thigh and fat burning.

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