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Drill press

Drill press In order to have a nice flat tummy, and not simply sit on the new-fangled diets.Be sure to have a lot of effort.But it's not terrible, especially considering what the result can be obtained as a result - a beautiful seductive belly, which will attract admiring glances of men and women envious!

achieve a flat stomach can be doing exercises for the women's press.Consider the most effective ones:

1. Twisting. Particularly well affect the upper press.To get started is to lie on your back and put his legs slightly bent at the knees.Hands should be diluted in the hand bent at the elbows and palms to fix the neck.Slowly raise only the body until the elbows are not in touch with his knees, and then just as slowly return to the floor.We need to commit at least 50 uplifts, and at least 3 approaches.

2. Oblique twist. After the first exercise you should work on the oblique abdominal muscles.For this initial position intact.Just when picked up the body should be left elbow to right knee in contact with, an

d the right - on the contrary, on the left.It is recommended to approach 3, but now 30 times.

3. Reverse Crunch. recommended for lower press.Starting position - lying on his back, but now the hands should be placed along the body and feet should be flat on the floor.Slowly raise the legs need, straining muscles of the press only.Once the legs go up, you need to pull your pelvis off the floor and lift it as far enough strength.

When the maximum point, you just slow down on the floor.In one approach is needed to make no less than 12 lifts and approaches should be 3.

After podnakachayutsya little muscle, you can move on to more complex and difficult exercises that will pump your abs even faster.

double twisting

This exercise is aimed directly at the upper and lower press.You must lie on your back, legs bent at the knees raised and the arms bent at the elbows and place of the head.At the same time raise the legs and body until the elbows do not touch the knees.

Abdominal vacuum

strengthens all the muscles of the press, especially the cross.It is necessary to stand on all fours, and keep your back erect.Make full exhalation and most involve the abdomen, keep it as 20 seconds, and then slowly relax.Breathing in this delay do not need, and breathe only through the nose.Repeat the exercise beginners need 12 times, and eventually increase the number of "delay" of up to 25 times.

exercises female press need to perform on a daily basis.Give it enough for 10-15 minutes.Only in regular employment can be achieved slim figure and toned tummy.

Author: DimSanych

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