Exercise for Weight Loss

Exercises for buttocks and thighs

Exercises for buttocks and thighs How quickly tighten the buttocks at home?The vast majority of women's magazines offer you to do kicks back and dieting.This path - not the shortest and most effective.In fact, it is necessary to operate the complex - to use not only the gluteus, but also the waist, back, thighs, press as a stabilizer.

You may be surprised, but this goal is quite easy to achieve, even if you do not have at hand the expensive equipment.

Our exercises for the buttocks and thighs system Body Balance help make the buttocks tightened in just 4-6 weeks.Follow this complex through the day, enjoy a free day any cardio - running, belly dancing, swimming, just moving to your favorite music.
controls the amount consumed calories, but try to do without fanaticism, not trim calorie more than 400-500 calories a day less than the norm.

set of exercises for the buttocks and thighs without equipment

Exercise 1. Jump from a wide squat

how to tighten the buttocks and thigh

Stand with your feet wider than shoulders, hands, pull up.Plunging stomach, straighten

your hips, push the body up and jump out gently.Perform 10 jumps, rest 30 seconds, repeat this cycle 5 times.
Avoid bump stops that there are forces on the floor, in this exercise is important, not the height of the jump, and the extent to which the whole body will be collected from the heel to the crown.Landing, think about how to do it gently, try to fall on top of the foot and toes and gently roll on your heels.

Exercise 2. Swimming with stabilization

tighten the buttocks at home

Lie on the floor face down.Pull the belly, contract the muscles of the buttocks, lift your legs.The buttocks remain on our toes throughout the exercise.Then tear off the body as shown in the picture and imitate her hands strokes while swimming.
Work from 30 seconds to a minute, then rest 30 seconds and repeat the cycle 4 times.

3. Exercise Posture table

how to make the buttocks tightened

Sit on the floor on the buttocks, the body is perpendicular to the floor.Effort buttocks and thighs leave the table in position as shown in the picture drawn in the stomach while driving.Hold the pose for 20-30 seconds table.Relax, repeat 5 times.Then follow 30
dynamic lifting and lowering, not fixing the body in the position table.

Exercise 4. "Dog" with a knee pulling

how to tighten the muscles of the buttocks

Take yogic posture "dog muzzle down" - a body resembling the letter "L", drawn up buttock, back of the thighs and buttocks stretched.Wait 30 seconds, then lift your right leg, and bending it at the knee, bring the knee to the chest, then straighten your leg and stretch the heel to the ceiling of 10-20 times with each leg.
then 30 seconds rest and repeat another exercise from the beginning.

Exercise 5. "Swallow" with the rise of the hands

exercises to tighten the buttocks
Stand on your feet, move your body weight to the right foot, back foot print, and the body in the slope.Take a stand "swallow", remain there for 20-30 seconds.Then, pull the arm, which is located by the legs in the air a little sideways, slightly twisting the chest.Keeping the balance, they turn away, and bring it to its original, parallel to the floor position of 20 repetitions.
then repeat with the other leg, rest for 30-40 seconds and repeat the exercise another 1 or 2 times.

If your goal - maximum fat burning, add a little cardio workout after that.Good idea - jumping rope or climbing stairs up and down.However, you can use any cardio or even dancing for 20-30 minutes.

Try to move more, eat well and varied, and the muscles of the thighs and buttocks catch up in a few weeks.Well, at the end of this complex is a good idea to go to strength training with weights - dumbbells medbol or mini-bar and a set of exercises for the whole body perfectly suited.

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