Exercise for Weight Loss

Slender knees - Exercises

Slender knees - Exercises All girls dream to be slim and beautiful.This applies especially to the legs, because each of the fair sex knows that men pay attention to women in a skirt.And what if my knees are far from ideal?Unsuccessful legs have to hide?Not at all.What you need to do to his knees became beautiful?Let's deal.

How to slim knees

attractive female knees consists of leg shape and condition of the skin.

Exercise and fitness - these are the main methods of getting rid of fat on legs.Sport do you need each day.Take it a habit.Train at least ten minutes a day, but regularly.

Also, always remember that your knees will be beautiful when fully healthy feet.It is not necessary each time to walk the streets in huge heels.Such beauty is not worth the victims.Shoes should be comfortable to wear and match it correctly.Then your gait will be attractive.

For skin condition on his knees, too, should be maintained.Otherwise, your knees in terms of the rigidity of the skin may resemble the heel.Lubricate the skin on his knees

foot cream or scrub.It is also perfectly suited honey, salt and lemon juice.

If you want to reduce the amount of feet, you will be wrapping of cosmetic clay and essential oils.

Exercises for beautiful knees

Slender knees - Exercises

First, some preheat your muscles.Jump, poprisedayte generally moves.

then place your feet together, bend your knees and place your hands in.In such circumstances the rotational movement of the knees to one side or the other.Same again, but only with the feet slightly apart.

Stay for any support and rise on your toes about twenty times: on one, then on the other foot.Exercise seems simple, but in fact it is very efficient.

Stand at the support and lift one leg at a right angle, then bend and unbend the knee several times.The same repeat with the other leg.

Lie on your back, raise your legs straight up, clasp their hands just below the knee and try a few seconds to pull over.Relax and repeat several times.

divulge a little secret.The best exercise to remove excess weight from your knees - it squats.Stand up straight.Distribute the weight of the entire body.Now imagine that you have to sit on a chair or armchair.Begin the squat, but make sure that your knees are not left on your foot.

then pull the arms back, connect the shoulder blade, and squat, reaching her hands to heels.

How do shapely legs: video training

Of course, if you have a subscription to a fitness club, you will easily be able to attend training in the hall and watch the coach.If the opportunity to go to the gym is not, do not worry.Work can be at home.We offer you a small video tutorial with which you can perform exercises for the knees.It takes only ten minutes, but if you do the exercises twice a week, the result will not be long in coming.