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Home exercises for slimming belly: simple and effective

Home exercises for slimming belly: simple and effective Almost every woman's figure is the main drawback of the stomach.You can hide bow legs, you can "put a" chest, but his stomach does not hide.No one is pleased when people greet unfamiliar with pregnancy, if you are not in position.Big belly spoil any dress, disgusting hangs over the waistband of jeans and trousers.If you want to be attractive and beautiful clothes to wear skin-tight, start with this problematic place.

Exercises for slimming belly simple.They do not take a lot of time and effort.Here the most important thing - your strong spirit and strong disposition.


1. Before starting any physical exercise you need to warm up.Stand straight, straightened up, put your hands up on tiptoes and stretch to the ceiling.Then lower your arms and stretch down to the floor.This exercise, perform 5-8 times slowly until you feel that your muscles "wake up" and ready for loading.

2. Then proceed directly to the fight against belly.I offer you the most simple security exercise for weight loss belly

that every woman can do at home.Lie down on your back.The legs bend at the knees, feet firmly on the floor, hands with divorced elbows should be behind your head.

On the exhale, lift your upper body and drag to the knees, inspiratory lower the head and shoulders on the floor.In the same position as you exhale lift your knees to your chest, head and shoulders leave the floor.On the inhale drop your foot on the floor.

3. Now sit down on the floor, leaning on his elbows.Your body should be slightly deflected backward.The direct and straight leg raise as high as possible and keep as long as possible.For convenience, better count out loud, or note the time on the clock with a second hand.In this exercise, the main thing is not to strain the muscles of the legs, namely the press.

4. Still, of course, the familiar "corner".If your home has a crossbar or a horizontal bar in the yard, be sure to give this exercise time.It should be easy to hang, do not wobble, slowly raise your legs up and hold as long as possible."Small" is similar to the previous exercise, but it involves a little more muscle, and further strengthens the spine.

exercises for the abdomen by the time each woman occupied in different ways.You should not be lazy, but do not overdo it.A special diet is not needed, it should be your wisdom.Understand that nothing will help, if you eat the whole cake or pan full of fried potatoes.

Another important point - mode.For example, you are watching your favorite TV series in the evenings and drink coffee with chocolate.Drop this bad habit beauty.Now, during the series swing press.When hard, take breaks little and continue.

Remember that any exercise will not help if you, in spite of all temptations and laziness will not be strong, patient and firm.

Understand that beauty - is a permanent job, and she constantly demands your sacrifice and effort.

Author: DimSanych

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