Dietary supplements for weight loss

Chromium picolinate for weight loss

chromium picolinate for weight loss usually chromium picolinate for weight loss is used in complex vitamin supplements (dietary supplements) and for athletes who want to lose weight.In the eighties of the last century there have been several studies that have shown an accelerated growth of muscle "under load", if a person takes drugs chromium.In addition, studies marked reduction in craving for sugary and carbohydrate foods when taking dietary supplements with chromium that is interesting not only athletes, but also ordinary losing weight.

Chromium picolinate reviews and nutritionists about it

direct advice like "drink 400 micrograms of chromium picolinate and lose weight" in the domestic sources there.In his time on this subject M. Ginsburg wrote.His opinion, as usual, different loyalty "pure science."Famous doctor dismisses the notion of "improving insulin after ingestion picolinate."Drugs have little effect on the chrome "improvement and deterioration of" development of this hormone, rather, they are simply balancing blood sugar

due to a decrease in percentage of sugary foods in the diet.

In another version of Chrome really affects fat and carbohydrate metabolism, and stimulates the correct functioning of the thyroid gland.It was the last quality and associated weight loss in some patients with chronic insufficiency of iodine and chromium.At the "landing" on a diet, especially in combination with the new training plan, a person experiences a change in the physical well-being.Weakness and fatigue can be overcome if a few optimize carbohydrate metabolism, which is the power of supplements with chromium.However, this is not true for everyone, but only for those whose problems are related solely to the lack of chromium, which, in fairness, it is often not enough food in the diet.

How to take chromium picolinate for weight loss

ordinary man enough 400 mg of the substance, in the form of tablets, capsules or liquid suspension.Some manufacturers offer a drop of chromium picolinate.

This in itself is not the drug of chromium ensure weight loss.You will lose weight if you can:

  • diet on foods with a low glycemic index,
  • move more,
  • to create a common energy deficit (spending more calories than getting the food).

But to use several nutritional supplements with this mineral-like substance is not necessary.Cases of overdose and chromium poisoning, so take care of yourself and not "eat" more than 400 micrograms.

Reviews slimming on chromium picolinate and other useful information

However, sites reviews, as always, is home to a dozen opposing truths.Someone wrote that said 400 micrograms as a popular dietary supplements such as "FEE-X" to help reduce the amount of carbohydrate snacks to follow a low calorie diet and lose weight.

Others argue that chromium picolinate no effect on appetite and weight.Diet as a not respected and not respected, it is possible, of course, picolinate, and something useful, but the use of a particular type of weight loss immediately to many kilograms are authors did not observe.

This is useful chromium picolinate?
First of all, it can be useful to those who "served" several diets in a row, and fatigue, lethargy, drowsiness and swelling.These are symptoms of thyroid dysfunction, occurring due to the rather poor micronutrient nutrition.Typically in such a state advised to drink iodine, and chromium can also help.

In addition, chromium picolinate is good at unbalanced diets on cereals, yogurt, some one kind of fruit or vegetables.Chrome shows and men to improve reproductive function.

supplements of this substance, but in smaller doses, doctors prescribe pregnant women.

Some women fear that chromium promotes muscle gain.In fact, its growth in the majority of women leads to an improvement in the figures.Chromium also stimulates the renewal of collagen fibers of the skin, providing elasticity "problem areas" after weight loss.

Numerous studies have confirmed that chromium picolinate is able to cause harm to the body.But if you do not want to drink dietary supplements, the body needs chromium can also be obtained from food.Eat apples, broccoli, liver, quail eggs.

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