Exercise for Weight Loss

Exercise system Tabata

System Tabata exercises Photo Training Tabata system perfectly burn fat and can actually lead your fitness class to the next level.Mostly the problem is only in the fact that the vast majority of newcomers "upahivayutsya" so that throw Tabata workout earlier than the first comes from the effect of exercise.

To prevent this, we have developed two series of exercises in the style of Tabata.Training 1 and 2 should be carried out every day and every third day to give proper rest.This training plan can not be combined with a low calorie diet, so it makes sense to include as soon as your regular weight loss program will face the effect of the "plateau".

Train 1

Perform each exercise for 30 seconds, rest for 10 seconds before moving on to the next exercise, do the first 4 cycles of movement of the latter.

Tabata Training

Exercise 1. Lunge woodcutter with a fitness ball
Take medbol up, carry him over the head.Step into the right foot back and simultaneously twist the body and lower the ball down the left.Repeat the first with only one leg, th

en rest 10 seconds and 30 seconds, repeat with the other leg, and then - following exercise cycle.

Exercise 2. Squeezing with instep

Exercise Tabata

Take the emphasis lying, do the push-ups, and when the chest falls to the floor, lift your right leg and gluteal muscle strength lift it up.Repeat for 30 seconds with the change of the feet, go to the next exercise.

Exercise 3. Full diagonal twisting

exit from a prone position in a full twist - the power of the press corps to tighten the legs as high as you can, from the top of the stretch with his right hand to his left leg, repeat with the opposite arm andlegs.

Train 2

Exercise 1. Link expander in the slope

Hook gripper at waist level for a door or fastening bar, move on 2 m, stretch the rubber, is inclined forward, and pull the handle, as shown infigure, follow quite rapidly, but do not let jerks to protect the lower back.

Exercise 2. Jumping zhimom

Turn so that the handle expander in the hands were sent to his chest, just otprygnite simultaneously push the handle forward, keep the shell tight, so as not to cause injury.Jump back to the starting position while flexing his arms.

Exercise 3. Planck turn

Take plank pose, and quickly regroup so as to go to the T-position on the right hand, dynamically go back.Perform 2 sets, the first -only the right, the second - only the left.

Perform these exercises, using a stopwatch with audible signal or a special music for Tabata workouts.During cycles of rest or stand, and a little like the place, breathe deeply.If you find it difficult to keep the rhythm of 30-10, use a soft interval - 40 seconds of work and 20 seconds of rest, or even 40 seconds of the 30 seconds of rest, if you are quite new.

The rest day take a stroll in the pool, or visit the unerring dance aerobics class.Combining Tabata workouts to yoga also gives a good effect.However, if you show signs of overtraining - fever, insomnia, headache, does not stop the pain in the muscles, give yourself a complete rest for 2-5 days.

Generally, Tabata cycle does not make sense to repeat more than 3-4 weeks to mid-level athletes, and 4-5 weeks for advanced.If you think that exercise is too easy, increase the pace of the exercise, and try to do every move with maximum amplitude.So you can get a more significant effect in a few minutes of training.

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