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Full of eggs: how to lose weight

Full of eggs: how to lose weight Every girl dreams of having big breasts, small waist, and, of course, graceful legs.In this article you will learn how to make your calves irresistible.

How to lose weight in the calves

Women with full calves often mistakenly believe that regular exercise will help umenshmit their size. But squats, running, power loads on the leg muscles of the calf will begin to develop intensively and shin may be even more extensive.

will help you on a step aerobics.Step platform - a special device on two legs with a cross in the middle of a broad platform.In other words, for you to fit exercise called "step aerobics".In any fitness club you can attend these classes.They will help your legs become even more beautiful.

girl with full of calves is best to start from scratch, and then move to step 1,2 and 3. However, you can buy yourself step-platform and study at home.

Also, you need to follow the diet.First of all, eliminate all the flour, fat and sweet - are the main enemies of harmony.

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Full of eggs: how to lose weight

Remember the most important rule of step aerobics.Get up on the platform by the legs, not the back.Do not step on the platform on tiptoes, only a full stop.Always keep your back straight.Eat a half hour before training.

Stand on the platform and start to walk as if you go up and down stairs.This exercise will need to warm up to warm up the muscles.

Stand on the platform of the right foot, transfer weight on it, then each side, to her left.Put on the floor first, left foot, then right.Continue to walk so for about twenty minutes.The feeling after a workout should be the same as if you ran up the stairs to the 25th floor.

After training at the degree can not hurt to do some more exercise.Lie on your back and bend your knees, and then pull the toes of both feet alternately.This exercise also aims to stretch.

Raise your right leg in front of you and do rotational movement of the foot.The same is done with the left foot.

Remember that hard work is required to produce results, and your legs become slender and athletic.

Full of eggs: how to lose weight

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