Exercise for Weight Loss

Beautiful legs: exercises for slimming thighs

Beautiful legs: exercises for slimming thighs Beautiful slim legs - the dream of every woman, as is well known hip are the most problematic area, disturbing the fair sex.

Jealous beauties proudly marches on television, do not think that the perfect legs - a generous gift of nature.As practice shows, beautiful legs - it is a constant and laborious work, which includes not only the right diet, exercise and slimming the hips.

Before starting to work on losing weight thighs, should pay attention to your diet.The daily menu should include foods rich in fiber and protein, as well as in the diet must be a large number of plant food.But from fatty food and various kinds of fast food should ever give up if there is a desire not only to give a nice shape the hips, but a long time to maintain their harmony.

choosing a course of exercises for weight loss legs, it should be noted that employment should be systematic and regular, but in this case the result will be seen.

1. exercises aimed at the front of the thigh.It is necessary to stand against the w

all, close to which his back.Feet shoulder width apart to put on, distributing them evenly the weight of his body.Slowly sliding down the wall down until your knees will not appear at the desired angle, about 90 degrees.Stay in this position a few minutes and return to the starting position in the same way.This exercise is to be performed 10 times for 2 sets.

2. Exercise for inner thigh.One of the most successful exercise - this is where the involved any platform that can replace the box.On this hill should be placed one foot, while the second is on the floor.The knees of both legs as much as possible to deploy the side and lower body, as if crouching, as long as both thighs will not directly parallel to the floor.Try to hold this position in a few minutes and is also slowly rise.It takes 10 of these sit-ups on the 2 approaches.

3. proved that climbing up the steps two at 10-15 minutes a day can significantly improve and tighten up the shape of the hips and strengthen the cardiovascular system of the body.

So that having aimed to get a nice slender legs, you can not only buy a perfect hips, but healthier, because any physical load is always on the benefits to the body.

Author: DimSanych