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How to remove the stomach and hips

How to remove the stomach and hips said to myself, "I want to remove the stomach and hips," most of the girls comes to something like the rotation of the hula-hoop.Meanwhile, the hoop can only help in the background of a very low-calorie diet and, in general, good genetics.To remove the stomach and hips faster, more promising way - a combination of strength training with interval cardio. Well-liked band use for warm-up.

exercises to remove belly and flanks

Workout 1 - power, run it through the day.Cardio can be done either immediately after the power when in the days of vacation you want to do some other exercises or, for example, jogging.You can perform cardio in a single training day, free exercise of exercise 1.
Work on this plan for 4-8 weeks, then go to more complex movements that involve the whole body.
Equipment: weighted medicine ball, fitball, step platform, 2 light dumbbells.

Train 1
Exercises for the abdomen and sides
Exercise 1. Curl ball
Take the starting position as shown in Figure "A", make sure that the body is stable on the ball.Pull the belly a

nd twist forward, straining press, go in position indicated in Figure B., slowly return to starting position.Repeat 20 times, rest 30 seconds, repeat again.

2. Exercise Plank Please turn
emphasis on toes and step, gather in the stomach.Transfer the body weight on the left leg, left arm, and exit in the T-pose, balance it in a few seconds, straining muscles of the press, and the side surface of the body, return to the focus, repeat to the other side.20 reps, 30 seconds rest, another 1 approach.

Exercise 3. Total crunch dumbbell
Press waist to the floor, stabilize housing much embroiling himself in the stomach.Take arms with weights behind your head, lift your legs 45 degrees to the floor.If you start to come off the loin, slightly bend your knees.Pull the stomach, while the movement of legs and arms bring to the center of the body, take back.Repeat 15 times for 3 sets, 40 seconds of rest between sets.

Exercise 4. Corner
Get on your knees, in front of the ball in his hands folded.Not bending at the hips, lean back, feel the abdominal muscles work, stay 3-5 seconds and return to starting position.20 reps, 2 sets, 30 seconds of rest.

Exercise 5 "Climbers" on the ball fitball
Lean sideways to the wall to keep from falling.Trained may try without the wall, but then it is very important to keep the palm just below the shoulders.Take a high fence with a support on socks and palms are on the last ball.A little "rastopyrte" fingers to stand on the ball was comfortable.Tighten the knees to the chest turn, work 1 minute.Rest 30 seconds and repeat.

Exercise 6. Reverse twisting screw
Take the emphasis hands under shoulders, knees to his chest tighten, shifting the ball turns right and left.Perform 10 movements of the right and left, rest 30 seconds and repeat.

2 Equipment: hula hoop and jump rope
To begin rotate the hoop on the waist for 5 minutes, warming up the body.
Then, for 20-30 minutes, alternate 3 minutes of rotation and 100 jumps on both legs.For the "hitch" for another 5 minutes exactly roll the hoop.

How to remove the stomach and hips faster, plus a diet
To get rid of body fat, exercise alone is usually not enough.You must change your diet to the fat problem areas left.You do not have to rely on meager portions of the foods.Will there pastries, sweets, salads with mayonnaise, drink a lot of coffee and soda - the path to the carved figure only lengthened.

your best friends should become porridge of whole grains, green vegetables, all kinds of cabbage, lean white chicken meat, cheese, eggs and a bit of useful nuts.

Try to eat like this, as long as you do this exercise program:

  • Breakfast: 200-300 g any cereal on the water, 2 tablespoons yogurt
  • Snack: pear or apple, 200 grams of cheese, 0-2% fat
  • Lunch: any vegetable or chicken soup, but strictly without the white pasta and rice, a portion of chicken or fish and vegetable salad
  • Snack: 30 grams of nuts, unsweetened fruit
  • Dinner: piece of fish or meat with vegetables

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