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Exercises for Calf

Every girl dreams of slender and beautiful legs.A recent statistical survey, more than half of men pay primarily attention to women's legs.Accordingly, if you want to be desired and attractive to men, should lead feet in perfect condition.Imagine the following scene: a woman in high heels.What part of the legs immediately attracts attention?Of course, caviar.We are offering effective and simple exercises for the calf pump.

six exercises that help make the beautiful calf and inflated.

1. Lifting one leg.

Excellent, and most importantly, a simple exercise.Stand straight, feet brought together, put his hands on the chair or on the waist, bend your right knee.Stand on the toes of the left foot and stand as a couple of seconds, then return to starting position.Do three sets of 20 exercises each leg.A bit like ballet, is not it?

2. Raise the leg while sitting on a chair.

very effective exercise for beautiful calves!It can be done anywhere: at home, in the office, at a health club.Sitting on a chair,

you need to bend your knees and your feet should touch the floor.Place any heavy object on his knees and slowly raise them in a bent position.Do three sets of 20 times.

3. Running and walking.

Running and walking are great exercise for the calves.Besides, it is an excellent cardio exercise.

4. Stepper.

The fitness club is steppers, which are ideal for pumping calves.At home, the same conditions, they can replace ladders.Importantly, do not forget to wear comfortable shoes!

5. Circular knee rotation.

Stand with your hands on your waist, legs are brought together, stand on tiptoe and slowly rotate the bent knee.Do three sets of 20 times on each knee.

6. Circular rotation of the ankle.

Want something very complicated?Something left for a snack from this exercise your calves will be sick, but will be pumped over time.Take the situation right, put your hands on the belt, lift the left foot first, and draw a circle in the air it.Repeat for three sets so 20 times with each leg.

few tips for last.

most important to adhere to the basic rule - do the exercises regularly and correctly!On this depends the result, and your health.With regular load your eggs in a month will remain in good shape, and by the summer, you will definitely be the owner of the most beautiful calf!

Author: DimSanych

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