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Water aerobics for weight loss video

Water aerobics for weight loss Water aerobics is designed specifically for full-bodied people who are difficult to engage in the "land", but who want to bring the body back in shape.Forget rigid diets and exhausting athletic training.Quickly lose weight, tighten the skin, get rid of cellulite, you can develop the muscles in the water!

To do this you only need to enroll in the pool, put on a bathing suit and cap, take the whole ox in a fist and come to the group session in aqua aerobics.The results will surprise you - after the first workout you will feel the strength and desire to visit next.A reflection in the mirror will become more refined every time.

Water aerobics: facts

water ... a symbol of life and eternal motion.Remember as a child we loved splashing in the water and could be at it for hours, our muscles tense and your heart pounding.What prevents us today so pleasant to take water treatments?We are not in the country at the grandmother ... we have work and family responsibilities.Then there is a unique solution - a s

wimming pool.But the cottage we had friends tell you, and we could play ball in the water and have fun, and the pool is boring!But this problem can be solved by akvaerobika: wonderful pastime in the water group with a coach who will teach, will also help.

What we know about aerobics?Aerobics - this exercise with elements of gymnastics rhythmic music.It strengthens muscles, increases stamina, energizes and gives a positive mood.Also it improves the functioning of the heart, is the prevention of heart attacks and heart disease.During aerobic heart rate increases and running.We now turn to water aerobics.Everything is simple, if the "Aero" - the air, the "aqua" - water, so - aqua aerobics is an analogue of the ordinary, but in the water.The principles remain the same.

main advantages of aqua

- Water aerobics less traumatic , unlike aerobics.The secret is that the water has the effect of pushing out, which reduces the force of gravity as a result of aerobic exercise is much easier to perform.

- Water offloads the joints and intervertebral disks - it is an undeniable plus for the elderly seeking to look good, and for people who are obese.

- Water resistance very and even lifting the hand is slower than on land and requires much more effort.The muscles are working hard, but you do not even feel!

- Full hard for people to do aerobics , as it requires good coordination and balance.Water "holds" our body and acts as a support, does not stumble or fall.

- Water aerobics improves blood circulation , the heart, is struggling with edema, cellulite and has a general healing effect.

- have virtually no contraindications aqua , it can engage in everything from kids to the elderly.But do not forget that every age group a set of exercises in the water.

Water aerobics for weight loss

water aerobics can be called "liquid simulator", because it promotes weight loss and strengthening of all muscle groups, even those that you would never be able to train in the gym.Perform exercises in the water - a pleasure, but once you get out of the water, your muscles at full size just feel all the work done.Principles akvaerobika diet consist of a set of exercises:

- First, there is a warm-up;
- then the coach will show a set of exercises, which occupies a large part of the whole exercise:

Exercise №1
running in place, you need to raise your knees as high as possible, pull to the chest level.

Exercise №2
drain legs apart, as high as possible, try to lift his leg and feel the resistance of the water.

Exercise №3
training obliques is due to the rotation of the torso to the left and the right, but not all so simple: Try not to stand still, and bounce, then the load increase.

Exercise №4
If you hold the ball between your legs and try to immerse your feet in the water, you can develop great abdominal muscles.

aerobic exercise in the water for a great variety of weight loss and each coach is usually developed a complex.

- At the end of a class, as a rule, is stretching all muscle groups, you pull the arms, legs, back, relieves tension from the muscles, restore breathing.

Water aerobics: reviews lost weight

on various forums slimming you can find a huge amount of positive feedback about aqua aerobics:

Natali : «... Water aerobics helped me cope cellulite and lose weight, group lessons, I met with the same slimming girlsas I ... »

Vesna :« ... When I came to the first aerobic exercise in my life I was terribly difficult to do the exercise and keep up with the coach ((I was so ashamed ... but his coach advised to start to go to water aerobicsas if it is easier. I went. And now me from there just do not get! The water is really simpler and easier! But muscles hurt as much after aerobic exercise. It's so cool. Soon I go to the regular aerobics surprise coach! »

MarGo : «... I'm 51 years old, about her figure, I had not even thought about ... but when my friend went to the same age-fitness I decided not to lag behind.The son gave me a ticket.But what a woman of 50 years in the room?I looked askance at me.And the doctor has forbidden me to stress on the joints and spine.But I soon found out about water aerobics.Recorded in the group of "those over 50")) and is now engaged in constant ! »

CocoSha :« ... couple of years ago I weighed 88 kg, my husband I did not like, he would like to see next to a slender student ...I took water aerobics and lost 20 kg !!The main thing - to find the strength and do not be shy, do not you want to lose weight alone, thousands of these! »

Water aerobics: exercise video

In this video you can easily see what they do in the water aerobics and what to expect, having come to the first lesson.Also, you can remember them and perform their own without a coach.

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