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Hulahup: effective exercises for weight loss and body shaping

Hulahup: effective exercises for weight loss and body shaping Today, many women attend fashion group fitness training with hoops.It is called the fitness area hulahuping.These classes can not only massage the waist and burn up to 500 calories per hour.For hulahupinga best weighted metal hoop, not plastic with massage nozzles.

important to remember that pregnant hulahuping prohibited at all stages in the eight-week recovery period after delivery and after Caesarean section.It is contraindicated if there is inflammatory gynecological diseases, inflammation of the kidneys, disorders of the intestine and liver.In short, in diseases of the abdominal cavity should consult a specialist before classes.

Exercises hulahupom


5 minutes, rotate the hoop around the waist.Then 2 minutes rotation hulahupa are working on the hips.This must be done even if you do not quite get the hoop on the thighs and held quite a bit.However, the water wears away the stone, and eventually you will receive all the better.

cardio with hulahupom

After a series of warm-up pe

rform cardio.The series lasts 10 minutes and allows you to pull the muscle, burn fat and warm up in front of a power series.To start with 3 minutes hulahup rotate at the waist and 2 minutes to jump through it.We finish kardioseriyu simple rotation of the hoop on the waist for 5 minutes.

comprehensive program for hands and body

1. Start out- Keep hulahup hands above his head.We descend into a squat and fix the position of the body.For starters take a narrow grip ring and perform 15-18 triceps presses: omit the hoop for head and output Ip

2. Do not change the position of the feet.20 times omit hulahup forward to the floor, and is rectified.

3. In derive direct hands hoop overhead.Contractible blades, strongly draw in the abdomen and descend into a squat until thighs horizontal.The knees do not go for the socks.Slowly rise up.Perform 15-25 repetitions.

4. Rotate hulahup waist.

repeat the series again.

advanced and experienced can not twist hulahup and perform jumps through it.You can alternate this program with the usual rotation hulahupa a day.Of course, we must remember that respect for proper nutrition, your goal is very closer.

possible to avoid bruises

Some women after hulahupa bruises.This is because that the hoop is made of a very hard and rigid material.Change your hoop light analogue of a soft material - today their choice is huge.

Another reason bruises - a lack of vitamin C in the body.Vitamin is necessary for collagen formation, without which our vessels are fragile and very easily injured.
In a couple of months longer eat food with a lot of vitamin C (red peppers, kiwi, black currant, orange, etc.).

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